Joanna Lumley

I remember her from the New Avengers for her, ah, quite natty dress sense.

Anyway, now she is a supporter of a lot of things I agree with (all Gurkhas were on our side and all should be welcome here) including her derision at antismokers. A long quote…

Does she still smoke?

‘Plenty! I put a whole packet in my mouth and light 20 at a time. No, I don’t, darling. I just smoke. I haven’t had one today, for instance. That reminds me, I ought to smoke. I try to smoke. I’d very easily give it up. It just slips away from you and I think: “Damn, I ought to be smoking!” I do like it — and you’ve got to die of something.

‘Also, personally, through my taxes on cigarettes I’ve built three hospitals single-handedly. I never stop giving — it’s a vegetarian habit,’ she laughs.

‘Oh dear, people will say I’m encouraging their children. But people smoke, it’s not a big deal. People drink, people eat meat. All these things kill you.’

All these things kill you. Do none of them and die anyway. Get used to the idea that life is finite and really quite limited and get as much out of it as you can, while you can.

Or you can take the option of lying in a hospital bed one day, dying of nothing and feeling rather silly. Thinking about the chances you could have taken and the risks that might have come good.

Joanna Lumley pushed the government into letting those war hero Gurkhas live in the country they fought so hard to defend. She grabbed the chance and took the risks and she won.

Sometimes you take the chance and lose. That’s okay, losing is just a thing that tells you to do better next time. There is no shame in losing.

Only in not trying.



16 thoughts on “Joanna Lumley

  1. “Or you can take the option of lying in a hospital bed one day, dying of nothing and feeling rather silly.”

    Deffinately has something Pratchettesque in that sentence. 😀

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  2. When I read the title to this post, I feared she had passed away like Terry Sue-Patt. You know how these things tend to happen in batches?

    It doesn’t really matter what you die of as long as you’re all right with the Almighty. Suicide could be a problem.

    How does eating meat (in moderation) kill you? Is that just veggie propaganda? I’m a fish-eating veggie due to the halal issue, but tell you what: curries made with Quorn “chicken breast” are delicious.

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  3. If those Ghurkas got the full military pension they would be very well off in Nepal as opposed to being very poor living over here. They should get the full pension regardless. They bleed and die like you and I so why not?


  4. My Daddy, who was actually there. God alone knows why. Said that The War in Burma would never have been won without The Ghurkas. I don’t actually know. But I did live around them for a while in Singapore. And I would not have wanted to be anything other than with them.
    But they are a Mercenary Army.

    However, they have always been our Mercenary Army. They have never fought against us. And they deserve something for that. Much too late to say otherwise.


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