Pregnant women are supposed to be slim

Anti-obesity strategies aren’t considering the size of pregnant women, apparently. Oh, and babies are obese before they are born which really must hurt like hell. Giving birth to nineteen pounds of blubber can’t be pleasant.

It comes from the NHS so obviously it’s just a load of control freak bollocks.

Obesity strategies fail for the same reason all the other strategies fail. Because they are based on made-up shite from a bunch otf utter twats who are getting well paid to make up shite. It always fails and when it does, they get paid again to make up more shite to excuse the shite they made up before.

It will only end when we have 650 MPs in Wastemonster with one whole brain between them, and that isn’t going to happen any time soon. People vote for dickheads and then complain that we are run by dickheads, same as it ever was.

The NHS anti-obesity crap has had no effect so what do they do? Pull out the ‘cheeldren’ card. Ah but they played that one already so now it’s the ‘foetus’ card. The unborn are spiritually fat and must be Saved by the Righteous.

When are these people going to just fuck off? When are we going to be allowed to just smack them with a brick? When can we stop paying for our own tortures?

When people stop voting the same dickheads into power, that’s when. It’s not the dickheads who are to blame here.

It’s that face in the mirror.


4 thoughts on “Pregnant women are supposed to be slim

  1. Surely being able to scream “Ice cream now!” At the guy who made you into a waddling beach whale is one of the few joys of pregnancy. 😉

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  2. I am proud to say that I haven’t voted for anyone in thirty years. And I didn’t vote in that Referendum thingy about joining The EU. But it was much more fun when it wasn’t the done thing.
    Pregnancy? You have to be out of your mind to do that, which, sad to say I was, three times. Although they did grow on me.

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  3. “People vote for dickheads and then complain that we are run by dickheads, same as it ever was.” Most people don’t vote for them. 63% of the electorate either didn’t vote or didn’t vote for Cameron. Whether that gives us the right to complain about the dickheads I’m not sure, but what else can you do?


    • 66.1% of the electorate did vote and of them, the largest share went to Cameron’s party. The last time any party got more than 50% of the popular vote was in 1931 when Baldwin’s Conservatives picked up 55%.


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