On a Segway with a fez.

New post for no reason other than to solve the narrow comment issue on the last one.

Danish hot dogs and kebabs are better than the UK ones and there is more bacon than anyone can eat.

I have seen a Segway shop and bought a fez. Denmark has everything!



26 thoughts on “On a Segway with a fez.

  1. Ok, can’t resist it… You went out and bought a Fez?… Just like that? ( I was born in Caerphilly too. πŸ˜‰ )

    The local Kebab shop I use (there are Greek and Turks too obviously) is Lebanese. Their Kofta ones are superb. As for Hot Dogs, I buy German Frankfurters from Lidl and make my own. They are pretty damn good too.

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  2. I was wondering what Leggy needed to go to Denmark for. What can he do there that he can not in Britain.

    NOW I know!

    Ride circle around the mermaid, no hands, naked, with a fez, doing Tommy Cooper magic tricks.

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  3. Glad you’re enjoying yourself, with or without the fez! Denmark never seems to feature as a tourist attraction, eclipsed by Tuscany or the Costas. You’ll have to become a cultural ambassador, which quite naturally involves lots of imbibing of local vino and sampling of local delicacies. We want to hear more!

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    • I’ve actually seen quite a lot of tourists here. Americans and Chinese who’s made me wonder what they’re doing in Denmark and more importantly how did they even knew we existed?

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