No steam in Wales

Sometimes my countrymen are just an embarrasment. They now want to ban steam in public places. I’m pleased to not be living there now, although I think Scotland is going the same way anyway.

I agree with Raedwald here. Let them do it. It’ll be the final nail in the tourist industry and lead to the utter destruction of pubs, but let them do it anyway. It will turn the Welsh NHS into an utterly worthless waste of time and money but let them do it anyway. Let them see what they voted for.

It will be a hard and sharp lesson but hey, Boyos, you voted for it. Are you going to vote for it again next time?

It’s your choice. You’ve seen what the people you chose to lead you will do now. It’s up to you whether you choose them again, knowing they will only get worse. They’ll push for more and more control of your lives and will take more and more tax from you. You know they will, they’ve done it before, they’re doing it now and they are never going to stop.

Oh but you knew it when you voted for them last time, and the time before that. So maybe you’ll never change your vote. Not even when you have to cross the border to England to be able to afford a can of fizzy drink. Not even when you see the English NHS actually treating people while the Welsh NHS just blames your lifestyle for anything that makes you ill.

Even then, you’ll still vote for them. Then you’ll complain when they ban the next thing because if you think they are going to stop at smokers, drinkers and the overweight you are serioiusly deluded. It’ll be your turn soon enough. The people you voted for want absolute control over every life. Yours too.

Are you really going to vote for them again?


25 thoughts on “No steam in Wales

  1. It amazes and infuriates me how people vote. I’m in the process of writing my “final” blog post. They don’t listen. “They” = the PTB never listen; we know that, but the other “they” (the “us”) let them off time and again and just keep trusting them. Now we all have the Forehead of Doom again, but outright this time. How can this be? The Ed Miller Band effect? The “lesser of two evils”? The “anything but the racist, sexist, homophobes of UKIP who would put “us” first (maybe)”?

    When something seismic does happen, like Labour’s near annihilation in Scotland, the people vote for a party that’s even worse. A party that wants “tax-raising powers” so that people can expect to be even more skint while trying to buy booze at 50p per unit min. when it comes (if the EU allows it).

    I realised I have said the same thing so many times and so have you and so has every blogger who wants to live in a fair and free society. People are too stupid or scared or disinterested now, I fear.

    It’s why “democracy” is promoted because fools vote for their own enslavement, which saves the state a fortune in torture equipment. They have other ways of doing the torturing, like forcing a particular “lifestyle”. No pain, no gain. Keep “complying”. Keep your head below the parapet and you’ll be safe. Not.

    Then all the scared little people can pretend they still have freedom because they get to vote.

    If I could makes chairs for knitted rats, I’d blog about that too.

    I’ll have time to try now…

    I’ll be tuning in for the latest developments in the life of L-I and B.G.

    Wishing you both a bright future.

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  2. No smoking or steaming anywhere near anyone at any time in Wales? Next it will be ‘No barbecues’ or meat grilling because the smoke therefrom, like with E-cigs, is deemed ‘carcinogenic’. Then ‘No chocolate’ to fix the ‘obesity crisis’.

    The Welsh will eventually be reduced to eating seaweed. So, no real change then. Remember ‘Laver Bread’? With enough bacon it’s not bad, but on its own? (Horrified shudder) Let the radical vegetarians and anti-everything crowd take over the country and then close the border. A year and they’ll have all starved to death. Or gone completely Aberystwyth.

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  3. Meanwhile in Edinburgh cars and taxis etc were banned from Waverley Station. It’s hurt the infirm mostly. Great job.

    The Council complained to Railtrack or whoever runs the station. They replied that banning cars including taxis etc. improved the environment in the station as there would be no bad, bad, bad emissions. The Council accepted that. Numpties!

    The station has lots of trains, mostly diesel, which pump out emissions as they arrive, are emptied and filled by passengers and then leave. I’d put serious money on the level of polution being HUGE.

    Where will it end? Ask Leggy by emailing him in Denmark. (Jumping the gun there maybe)!

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  4. One wonders how they’re going to deal with next winter, when everybody who goes outside will be blowing ‘vapour’ with every breath they take. Perhaps they will have to ban breathing. It does, after all, look rather like smoking when the temperature drops.

    We are on a downward spiral, and the lower depths of Alice’s rabbit hole beckon.

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