Scared yet?

There is to be an anti-austerity march in London on Saturday. A whole load of people who think ‘austerity’ means waiting one more day for the latest Playstation are planning to walk about a bit and pretend they achieved something.

Well, okay, if walking and waving banners floats your boat, you just carry on with that. I won’t be there – not least because ‘austerity’ to me means I can’t afford the trip to London. Also because I don’t see how walking from one bit of London to another bit of it will actually achieve anything at all. Unless the march organisers have shares in shoe leather.

There will be some trouble at the march. There always is. It’s inevitable. Lefties like to make their point with violence. Always have and always will. And so the Mail sent a reporter to find some known thugs and blow them out of proportion.

There are seven in the photo, which looks like it was taken sometime around 1970. It can’t be too hard to spot those throwbacks in a crowd.

The Mail suggests that these people are actively planning violence. If that were true then the police could act on the evidence the Mail collected, since ‘conspiracy to commit a criminal act’ is itself a crime. That there have been no arrests suggests no actual crime took place.

In which case, why make it sound as if the march is going to turn into some kind of war zone?

There are around 70,000 people expected at the march. Most of them, by far, are expecting to just have a walk and maybe shout a slogan now and then. They aren’t going there to do anything violent. If they think it’s going to be a mass riot, it might put a lot of them off attending.

That might well be the point of it all. Scare away the peaceful ones so when the violent ones kick off, they look like a bigger proportion of the marchers than they originally were.

It’ll keep the bystanders scared too. Businesses will board up windows and lock doors until it’s over. The Lefties are going to look much scarier than they really are.

It’s hard to know who benefits most from that. It does let the government point and say ‘Look how violent they all are!’ On the other hand, the Left generally employ violence and intimidation to get their way anyway, so making them look even more violent and intimidating wouldn’t really damage their way of working.

Both sides like to keep the population in general scared. Stories like this will achieve that. A lot of people will avoid the march, both those who might have been on it and those who might have seen it as it passed.

The news coverage will be of the violent ones and the police battling it out. It’ll look as if it’s a ful-blown riot when, as is usual, the same few people will appear in all the photos.

Keeps the masses scared and under control, and all it takes is a photo of seven fashion victims and a few words. Then, a load of people out for a shouty walk become an invasion of violent psychopaths in the eyes of the rest of the population. Everyone stays home and everyone stays scared.

Easy, isn’t it?



23 thoughts on “Scared yet?

  1. Hang on. Sometimes marches work very well, witness the poll tax ‘rebellion’. It all depends who is marching. Little old ladies (who would probably have benefited from the poll tax) marched to pay more money. How could a politician resist using themselves against themselves?
    I liked the poll tax. It enabled me to charge the wife her due share of the costs of running the household. Pity that it did not last.

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  2. Everyone stays home and everyone stays scared.

    Seems to me that the propaganda is always to make decent causes seem undesirable or participation in them an unpleasant prospect for the masses: the ordinary folk who aren’t skinheads, radicals (feminists, etc.), mad with hatred or just generally a sandwich short of a sandwich. The government knows how to use these people.

    For example, I have noticed that patriots have precious few legitimate groups to join. I am sure that the big groups are government fronts. I think this is why the likes of the EDL seem to be largely composed of the sort of blokes whose pint you wouldn’t want to spill. Clearly, most of the public don’t identify themselves with the images in the media and so have been neutered.

    Has anyone ever seen an anti-mass-immigration rally or pro-UK rally that looks like there is a cross-section of the public there?

    From what I have seen in the media and on Facebook, these “patriot” groups are obsessed with Islam. It’s about all they ever talk about to divert attention away from everything else the government is doing.

    It’s Plato’s cave territory. The nasty people join the EDL (ergo, patriots are racist thickos) and the decent sorts identify with Unite Against Facism and Hope Not Hate, which have both been active against UKIP, but appear to many to be the civilised antidote to the EDL and ‘Britain First’.

    The whole shebang is controlled: to shepherd the majority into accepting the re-engineering of society; to make social pariahs of people who care more about this country than anyone in ‘Hope Not Hate’ and other government fronts which are conditioning the people to accept anything and everything against the national interest. Agree with them or you’re a hatemonger, bigot and Nazi.

    “Scared yet?”

    Yes; of the UN-controlled government and the way the minions all the way down naturally “comply”.

    They are only obeying orders…


    • XX Has anyone ever seen an anti-mass-immigration rally or pro-UK rally that looks like there is a cross-section of the public there? XX

      U.K… no. But the PEGIDA, and their off shoots here in Germany deffinatley. And that pisses off the media greatly.

      They try and interview a “neo-nazi PEGIDA member” and all they can come up with is Grannys, shop owners, solicitors, bank workers, office workers, doctors, nurses, me, basically your general “Joe public.”

      Mass demos? I would say 30 to 40,000 every Monday for months is rather “mass” in this respect.

      Yes, Suidaephobes are a big issue with them. But THEY make up most of the mass immigration. You can not seperate one from the other.


      • I’m glad Germany is different.

        I had to Google “Suidaephobe”. It seems you invented it. Fear of pigs? Muslims, then?

        “You can not seperate one from the other.”

        UKIP have tried, by concentrating on Eastern European immigration. They have to be politically correct to some degree. Quite a large degree sometimes.

        Maybe it is possible to construct genuine grass-roots organisations in other countries, while in the UK we get everything provide a la welfare state – even our government-funded ‘anti-Islam’ groups – to drive people into the hands of UAF.

        ‘Hope Not Hate’ are very special. It’s their ability to claim the moral high ground while supporting about every bit of social engineering which is destroying us.

        Normal Joes here don’t seem to even get the chance to show how we feel.


      • I was going to ask “Is Pegida still a thing” – and then saw “Für Alle, die aus und über Marburg und Gießen am 20.6 nach Frankfurt zu den Aktionen gegen Widerstand Ost/West anreisen wollen, gibt es eine gemeinsame Anreise mit dem Zug.”
        I know there is Pegida in Duesseldorf. Having spent the last two weekends there, it’s apparent why.


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