Unconsciously overweight

There has been quite a blitz on the overweight recently. So much so that many news outlets have forgotten to bash smokers at all. That makes a nice change, but it doesn’t mean smokers are off the hook. We’re still banned from everywhere and have to beg at the Doors of Shame for our perfectly legal and outrageously taxed little bit of life-enjoyment.

Soon the Doors of Shame will cover booze. Then chocolate and cakes and meat and… everything that isn’t a dry biscuit or a vegetable. Then again, there’s salt in those biscuits so you can’t have them either. You have to guess what’s behind the doors because as the smokers will tell you, the shop staff have no idea.

However, this post is about food control. Something likely to lead to much more successful control measures than smoking or drinking ever could.

Apparently you can now get fat without realising it. Distracted eating is a new one but it’s catching on. It means you’re eating while doing something else. Such as playing a video game.

Quite how this is possible when most games consoles require both hands and your full attention is never adequately defined but then neither was anything else that came under Puritan control. Expecting them to start using logic and science now would be somewhat optimistic.

What they have in mind is exactly what they always have in mind.

“The effects are moderate to large and replicable suggesting that they may provide a firm evidence base for the development of interventions aimed at enhancing appetite control, she said.

Control. They wish to intervene in your feeding habits and choice of waistline because you are not living your life as they wish you to live it. Feeling a bit miffed about that, enhanced-waistline folk? Get used to that feeling. Smokers have been feeling it for a long time now. It never goes away.

It’s your fault if you’re fat, but you can blame your parents if you want. That’s the message behind another new mantra; ’emotional eating’. The best part of this one is that you don’t even need to put on weight to be defined as fat.

However, there is a common misconception that all emotional eaters are overweight people who eat when they are sad.

Not true.

Emotional eaters can also be people of normal weight, guilty of binge eating or yo-yo dieting with a distorted view on eating habits.

Guilty. See that word, calorie heretics? You are guilty of living as you wish instead of living as directed. It’s not an imprisonable offence yet, but you have already been declared guilty of it anyway.

The article also plays on the ‘distraction eating’ meme. We’re going to hear a lot more of that one.

As for this part –

Comedian and actress Rebel Wilson is reported to have recently said: ‘I don’t think my emotional eating is every going to change’ and physiologically, she could never ‘go skinny’.

They have a photo of her and she is clearly not obese. She’s curvy. Woman-shaped as far as I’m concerned. She is also smiling while being photographed and therefore content with herself as she is. Ah, but she confesses her ‘guilt’…

The Pitch Perfect star said she can do a week of being healthy and then reaches for an ice cream sandwich. Sound familiar?

Nothing in that sentence sounds familiar to me. An ice cream sandwich? Seriously? It’s almost as bizarre to me as the idea of a week of eating ‘healthy’ food. I don’t think I’ve managed a whole day without something laden with salt and fat. I’ve had curry for breakfast more than once, and spent entire days fuelled by chocolate and crisps and Red Bull cheap clones made entirely of lab chemicals.

Oh I do like crisps. Not so much the ordinary potato ones. I like the ones that look like cheese-coated worms or tiny crispy bacon rashers. I like the little cheesey biscuits and I adore pork scratchings. If I have one complaint about them it’s that the bags they come in are far too small. It’s not unsual for me to eat three at once.

By now you’re probably imagining a bloated balloon of a man sitting in a chair made of girders in a house with doors you could drive a tractor through. I am about 5’9″ and weigh a couple of pounds under 12 stone. There’s not much fat left at all these days.

Sure, I’ve been heavier in the past. A few years back I topped 15 stone and could make a bathroom scale cry. It’s all gone. No diets, no paying more for less food, no change from the deep fried heavily spiced ready-meal caffeine-laden diet I have survived on for so many years. The only real change was taking up a more active job. I can eat all the calories I want today. I’ll burn them all off at work tomorrow.

Calories in vs. calories burned is the crux of it all. The rise of ready meals and fast food coincided with a move to more desk-bound jobs and that’s what is being used as an excuse to control you all.

All these interventions, all this control, is unneccesary. Some people like being large, some like being less than large. If you want to lose weight, eat less/move around more. You do not need to sign up to a group that will applaud if you lose a pound in a month then sell you diets designed to fail. You don’t need to join the gyms run by Government donors who use their donations to pressure Government into telling us all to join a gym.

They are going to get your kids with this obesity game in a way they never could with smoking or drinking. It’s a much better control method.

If you want to control people by stopping them doing something – such as drinking or smoking – then if they all stop, that’s the end of the game. Are you controlling them still? Maybe they just don’t want to do those things any more and really, you aren’t controlling them at all.

Also, if everyone stopped smoking, there would be no tax money to pay people to tell us to stop smoking. Winning that control game means losing the income.

It’s a much more satisfying game if you’re telling people to do something rather than not-do something. As long as they keep doing it (and ideally keep paying you to tell them to do it) then you are in control. You are also guaranteed a permanent income.

And so, your children are to be provided with State-defined school meals and will be checked to see that they are doing the State-approved amounts of exercise. So they’ll leave school ready to be good little worker drones.

Far-fetched? It’s already happening. The next generation of drones will not only have the indoctrination of the last few but will now become identically physically fit as well. Just like an ant or bee colony.

It might have been risky to do this sooner. While perfecting the indoctrination, it’s so much easier if the subjects are flaccid and apathetic and in no fit state to mount any real resistance.

Once you have them indoctrinated you can make them into fit and healthy compliant workers. An army of the healthy and mindless. Zombie apocalypse? Not quite, but as close as it’s likely to get.

They’ll keep each other in line. Anyone needing a slightly larger belt will be spotted, reported and re-educated. The controllers’ dream is that none of them will smoke or drink or demand the best foods. They will be happy because they will be told they are happy and they will be free because they will be told they are free. The drones already accept this part.

It’s time to make them work (and pay) for the glorious freedoms they think they’ve gained.



Thanks are due to CynaraeStMary for the idea, links and discussion that formed this post


28 thoughts on “Unconsciously overweight

  1. I read that report you linked-to.

    Whilst diving in and out of a bowl of popcorn.

    Strange how they don’t condemn book-reading as an ideal opportunity to distraction-gorge.


  2. Followed a child, about 7yrs old with his mother round the supermarket yesterday. Critisising loudly nearly every product that she picked up as having too much sugar/salt. Brat!! I imagine this rubbish had come from school. I’d have got pretty short shift for complaining about the food my mother provided, as would my daughters. She was defending her purchases to her child. That’s wrong.

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  3. “It’s your fault if you’re fat,”

    Then again, I am not ‘fat’ if I think myself to be ‘normal’ weight and identify with those that are ‘normal’ weight.

    In this day and age, it is politically correct to be ‘trans-gender’ and even ‘trans-racial’.

    Biological facts are of no matter.

    You are what you think you are and what you identify with.

    PC mandates that this is so.

    Soooo, tho I am 20-30 lbs overweight, I think of myself as ‘normal-weight’ and identify with those that are considered ‘normal-weight’.

    Society must take note of my identities/ beliefs and not insist that I conform to it’s biological assumptions.

    If some men must be considered women, and addressed as such, and some Whites must be considered and treated as Blacks because they identify with and feel Black; then, I am not over-weight/ drink too much/ or a smoker because I identify with those that are otherwise and do not believe myself to be so.

    Descarte must be turning in his grave! 😦

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  4. Based on your vitals of 11 stone 11 lbs and being 5 ft 9 inches then you’ll be positively ecstatic to learn that you’re BMI is 24.4 and you’re therefore a “normal” weight person.

    At 15 stone 5 lbs you were 31.7 on the BMI scale and therefore distinctly obese.

    Ain’t it lovely to have someone who’s a goldmine of bog useless information!

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    • I had an NHS health check the other day. At 5’4″ and 11 stone 6lb, so classed as overweight. I ask the nurse exactly where I was overweight. She looked me up and down, and advised me to take this, quite frankly, devastating new information in my life with a pinch of salt …


    • Got down to my “BMI” once. NEVER again! To do it, I was on 600 to 800 calories per day, (Even for a diat 1,55 is the reccomended minimum) and walking 10 to 15 Kilometers per day. Now I am back to normal, for me, which was always 175cm (5’9″) 100 Kilo . That is what I was after army basic training, and playing in the unit murder ball team, and what I was after Police basic. It was also what I was BEFORE those delightful experiences.

      AND, I am eating what I want. (Pig mostly)

      So, they can shove their “BMI” up their collective arses.

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  5. “Distracted eating,” eh? Hmm. Sounds like the first toe-in-the-water test for the concept of “passive obesity” to me. I always wondered how the anti-food lot would tap into the “passive/innocent bystander” tactic. After all, all these new kids on the block have been desperate to find their own version, seeing as it was the real turning-point for the anti-smoking crew. The anti-boozers had it easy in that respect with road accidents, crime, family breakdown, domestic violence etc (none of which, of course, are ever caused by sober people – oh, no, siree!); I always wondered how the anti-food gang would find “their” version. Maybe this is it. Not quite the same (but, then, neither is the alcohol version), but it’s an easy one to blame on Big Food and all that naughty advertising, so probably worth a punt. I’m not convinced, personally, but I’ll bet all those mindless drones out there will be.

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  6. I was looking for that famous Henry Kissinger quote:

    “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

    Seems he might never have said this, even if it might be true.

    Top globalist, Bilderberger and nasty man, Kissinger, was responsible for the “National Security Study Memorandum 200” which was adopted 40 years ago to help the US Government control the planet’s resources through population control.


    The reason that Western governments and their fake charities and the “foundations” like the Gates’s and Ford Foundation have been promoting contraception and abortion in the Third World isn’t for the poor’s benefit but for the USA’s.

    You see Bill and Melinda swanning around the world with their vaccinations (which Bill has admitted will aid population control too) like they care.

    That’s when they’re not telling national leaders to implement strict tobacco control policies.

    Control and death are their fortes, disguised as compassion, health, equality, etc. and a new one I have just seen on the Ford Foundation’s website:

    Reproductive Justice

    i.e. population reduction in the The Third World and among the ‘useless feeders’ in the West.


  7. When you question one of the NHS drones’ opinion on the likes of blood test results, if they say”ah, well” you know they are bullshitting for the sake of targets. Recent example – “your cholestrerol is 5.5”. “What is my normal level?” “Ah, well” and off she went spinning the bollox.

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