A quiet week

It’ll be quiet here this week. I am on morning shifts and will have adjusted my sleeping patterns just in time to go back to my normal afternoon/evenings at the weekend. This means, at the moment, I’m almost permanently knackered and staying awake on espresso and chemical fizz.

Mopzilla isn’t working out too well and isn’t likely to stay long. Damn, another potential replacement fails to make the grade so I am still the janitor at Local Shop.

However, this situation is no longer ‘for the forseeable future’. I have had very few requests for microbiology work in recent years and both writing and model building have been slowed by some pretty wild life changes. There is another big one coming soon and then it should, I hope, settle quickly.

This week, the week of permanent tiredness, was a bad week for two good things to happen. Still, happen they have, and I have to grab them while they’re there.

First, I’ve been asked to write a project proposal for a company which could lead to a pretty big chunk of work. They need an outline by the end of the week. Fire up the espresso machine!

Then, just today, I have been contacted by a publisher who wants a non-fiction book on some aspect of the paranormal. My choice of subject, and acceptance is guaranteed unless I make a total balls-up of it. I’ve already written on the subject and have built up an extensive reference library so it won’t be a balls-up at all. They also want an outline – just a paragraph – soon.

I’m taking on both opportunities, even though it does mean little sleep for a few days. Once I’m back on normal sleeping times it will get easier. This week, though, I have to use most of my awake-time to write these summaries.

Next week I start work on the real things, but will be blogging again also. Sorry for the lack of postings in the next few days but, if you’ll excuse me, I have a future to build 🙂

At the start of this year I said I wanted to have two books finished by the end of it. We’re now halfway through the year and I haven’t finished either of them so I’ll revise that resolution from two books this year…

…to four.


12 thoughts on “A quiet week

  1. Like they say about London buses – nowt for ages, then everything at once.

    Being ‘in demand’ will keep you on your toes, and, perhaps top-up the coffers – handy for the inevitable future expenses.

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  2. ThIngs have been looking up for me also. I was called in to my biggest provider of work and have a number of jobs to complete and a few more to be confirmed. Whilst this may restrict my Harley, cleaning and riding, frequent grass cutting, laundry, pot washing and TV watching of car and motorbike customisation.

    I’m treating the work as my way to winding down and retiring. Life is too short obviously.

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  3. Good luck. Sounds like everything is going on at once so make sure you get your priorities right. It is easy to get distracted from what is important in life.

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  4. Will the the publisher provide an editor, Leggy?

    I ask because I had to edit my first book for myself, and am doing it for my second as I write it. Bloody hard work, even though I am used to it from a Civil service and freelance past.

    My state pension turns up in a month or two, so I am under no great financial pressure when it does. If you want an editor, I can do the business as a thank-you. Just let me know.


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