Entertainment time – The Orchid Girl

Most of you didn’t know that Broken Girl is a writer too. This one is hers, not mine. It’s a work of fiction, unlike her previous factual accounts. You’ll need to keep that firmly in mind.

Yes, you have to contend with two of us spinning horrible stories now. Enjoy 🙂


The Orchid Girl

“How has it affected me?”

Lying on the sofa, feeling the smooth leather against her bare feet, making light spots in the ceiling with the metal in her hands, she almost felt free to talk.

“I am scared all the time. Did you know that you can get sick from panic attacks? I found out in a bush. You know I went to the police. I really just wanted it to go away, but I went right after church the morning after. Want to know what they did? They laughed.” Standing up, she pointed the 9 mm at the guy on the bed. “I’m afraid to leave my house because of you.”

On shaking legs she sat down in front of the chair, looking up through her bangs. “You know, getting a gun wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. My last savings went on it but it’ll be worth it don’t you think? Now I apologise for the pink fur on the handcuffs but they were the only ones I could find in such a short time. But I guess they work just as well as the others.” She heard a muffled yell behind the duct tape.

“Yes, it was a big shock when I saw you at my bus stop the other day. I never thought I’d see you again. A month seemed much too soon. It did take me a bit of following around to find out where you live. I must say I’m impressed. Yes, yes, you already told me that I could take whatever I want. Don’t you worry. I’ll leave with what I came for.”

Digging into a pink handbag next to her she pulled up a pair of scissors and smiled. Disposing of the gun into the bag she went to the side of the bed and started cutting off his jeans.

“Hush now with all that screaming. No-one can hear you anyway. Do lay still or I’ll cut you. Won’t it be good to get out of these wet jeans? I must say I’m disappointed in you. A grown man pissing himself. I had full bladder control when you…” She looked up at him with big blue eyes, scissors shakingly digging into his thigh drawing blood. “Shit!”

Walking back to her bag she dropped the scissors into it and fished up a pack of Camels, lighting one. “I hope you don’t mind but after I tied you up I had a snoop around your kitchen. I must admit I hadn’t planned much further ahead than getting you tied up. I just want you to feel what it’s like. How I felt when you pinned me down. Anyway I borrowed a few things and your laptop. I figured castration was the way forward. You know my grandparents used to have a farm. I’d help gathering the piglets when they grew big enough and they’d get a ring around their testicles and we’d wait on them to go away by themselves. But we don’thave that kind of time together so it’s just my luck that I found this.” She waved a Stanley knife in front of his face.

“Now lets see what Google has to say on castration. This looks easy enough. A cut on each side and we can pop them out like almonds. I’m pretty sure I once saw it done on a dog on tv so no worries. I’m almost a doctor.”

Lighting another cigarette, she sat down between his legs placing a towel underneath his scrotum. Placing the Stanley knife there, she made herself ready to cut when a sob wracked through her body. Bending over, holding herself tight she looked up at him with tearful eyes as another sob shook her frame.

“Why did you have to do this? I was just walking home. I was a good girl. Really, I was! I just want to go home!”

She could feel her teeth chattering and her body shaking. She needed to calm down. There wasn’t time to lose it. Taking a deep breath she gripped the knife and moved forward. The first cut was the hardest. The skin was thicker than she had imagined and it wasn’t easy to see with all the blood. She could hear him screaming under the tape, feel his body tighten at the pain. Taking a good grip around the ball she pressed and a white ball came out looking almost as if she had popped out an eyeball. She just managed to lean to the side as she lost what little she had in her stomach. Cutting off the stone at the stalk she started her work on the other. The blood was flowing faster than she thought and her blood soaked hands were shaking.

Her light soprano floated through the room “I was born sick. But I love it. Aaaay Amen Amen Amen!” She heard the sloppy sound of the second stone leaving the scrotum and giggled “I guess no one will take you to church anytime soon”

She placed the knife to cut at the cord when her hand slipped in the blood. She heard a grunt as the knife dissapeared into his thigh as if had it been butter.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” In a move of panic she pulled out the knife and felt the arterial spray cover her face and chest. In the background she heard a phone ringing and the answering machine kicking in.

A female voice appeared. “Hi John! I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful date Saturday night. I had a great time. Call me!”

She heard the beep. It was the only thing she could hear. Evolving into a ringing in her head as confusion started to take over. Scrambling, she tried putting a towel to his thigh but it was too late. She started sobbing. She couldn’t think. A noise broke through the ringing in her ears.

She didn’t even know when she’d started screaming.


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