Little Table part 2

Well, the block set nicely so I took out the scroll saw. I also refitted the safety screen because I have to be less personally dangerous these days. There’s someone who it matters to now.

scrollsawThe table top went for an egg shape since it’s for a baker and egg shape is easier than cake or bread shaped. The scroll saw did it in a few minutes.

scrollsaw2Yes, I really did use the safety thing in the ‘down’ position. I’m not messing around with the new ‘careful me’ here.

Anyway, some filing and filling and sanding and some more cutting later and I ended up with a set of parts.

plumwoodpartsAll made of plum wood. The hole in the block on the table top is centred, the block itself is not. That’s because I split so many blocks trying to drill that hole that I gave up and took the best one. It’s under the table, so hardly anyone will notice.

The filler patch is Milliput. I did worry that it might not take woodstain too well but again it’s underneath so not too much of an issue. In the end it worked okay.

Glueing all the parts together with a dangerously fast-setting glue that says ‘avoid skin contact’ in small print I should have read first, I ended up with a nicely level-topped table that is two inches (about 5 cm) high. And I managed not to glue myself to it.

The arms of the rat chairs will fit under it if needed.

Table10Two coats of deep mahogany later and it looks like this.

tabledoneMaybe I’m getting big headed but I think that’s not too bad considering I started with a stick and a twig for the leg. Might need one more coat and then a shot of beeswax to shine it up.

Next I have to make a pack of cards, two whisky glasses and an ashtray. And nag the baker again for a photo of rats in chairs – this time with a table.

Fortunately I have another day off tomorrow. On target for a possible quick end to this project.

Which would be a nice change…


10 thoughts on “Little Table part 2

  1. That is a very nice piece of work Leggy! A very imaginative solution, when you said table I was thinking of the conventional four legged kind, but this design looks very nice. Clearly we are dealing with rats with excellent taste.

    Liked by 1 person

      • My Sister had a massive one. About 1:35 scale. BRILLIANT.

        Remember when I told you about what happened to my railway buildings and a liberal dose of black powder?

        The house was REALLY interesting to watch! 😀 😀

        HEJ! You DO things like that as a kid of 25 years old! And any way, it was my Sisters idea.


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