The horrible early

I have to be at work at 7:30 am, six hours from now, for a daft training thing. Then I go back later for a 3-9 shift. Expect little sense tomorrow.

Then again, why expect sense? There’s none in the real world. Take a look at this terrifying criminal tipped by MJM by email.

Read the words of ‘Vincent’ who claims to be a smoker but who demands this smoker be publically humiliated and prosecuted for… actually bothering nobody,. There’s nobody else around!

See how it’s just fine and dandy to take someone’s Facebook photos – all of them – and post them online to help in this public e-flogging of someone who… bothered nobody.

So if I don’t make sense tomorrow, I don’t suppose the internet would even notice.


4 thoughts on “The horrible early

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