Knitted rats in plumwood chairs

By now, nobody who’s been here before would even raise an eyebrow at that post title. It’s pretty much the sort of thing you expect here, isn’t it?

The baker has overcome some email problems and sent photos. I note the table isn’t in them so these are probably the ones she tried to send before and failed. No matter, I’ll persuade her to send some with the table.

The rats have a house. I didn’t know about this or I’d have tried to match decor and scale. Still, the chairs were scaled for the rats so that part worked out okay. The plain brown chairs would probably match most decors too.

This, then is the house where knitted Thai rats have lived, chairless, for some years now.

rats2Inside could be described as ‘minimalist’. It could equally be decribed as ’empty’.

Not any more. The rats now have seating.

rats1Looks a bit Twin Peaks in there, I think. Just needs a lot of red curtains.

Another view:

rats3The rats seem happy with their chairs and hopefully the table too. I won’t push for more photos until I have the ashtray, playing cards and whisky glasses to go onto it.

Since I won’t see the baker now for over a week there’s no serious pressure for those things – aside from the demon-fighting thing I have to do soon. That could pretty much silence everything else for a few days at least.

Even so, I have made two knitted rats and a baker happy. That has to count for some good karma somewhere down the line.


17 thoughts on “Knitted rats in plumwood chairs

  1. “nobody who’s been here before would even raise an eyebrow at that post title.”

    Oh, I don’t know. I remember your seminal “we’re all racists now” post. That was towards the start of my lurking time here…and I slightly raised an eyebrow. I did with your seven days to Armageddon post too.

    Have you ever considered writing fiction? 😉

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  2. Little Rats look really comfortable in Little Chairs. Well done Legsy, I reckon your good karma bank must be overflowing from the enjoyment you’ve given with this series of posts.

    And not too much blood shed – that’s gotta be good 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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