Europe slips up on Greece

All the news seems to be about how Greece owes pots of money and has none to pay it back. Where are they expected to get it from?

Why, from their own people, of course. In the form of lower wages, higher taxes and a shitty life for everyone except the ones who caused the mess. As is usual in these sorts of cases.

The money in question is the Euro. Greece doesn’t have very many Euros but other countries have loads of them. They’ll lend some to Greece if the Greek government smacks the Greek people about a bit and, basically, concedes to doing exactly what it is told by foreign powers.

Rather like being invaded and subdued, with money instead of bullets. People will die of starvation and penury rather than being shot or bombed but they end up just as dead either way.

For money. For little bits of paper. Not even that, since most modern money doesn’t have any existence at all in reality. It’s just numbers on a screen.

They’re willing to torment and kill entire nations for the sake of those numbers. And I thought I was the one writing horror stories.

Greece is resisting, Germany is pressing for them to behave as directed. As our correspondent ih high places put it –

queeneuroWhy not just let them go? Let them go back to the Drachma and inflate their way out of debt? Sure that would be painful but there is an end in sight if they take that route. Staying in the Euro will just mean bailout after bailout forever and no way to pay any of it back. It will destroy the Euro and every country currently using it.

Even Germany will eventually run out of money. You can’t run an export-based economy when nobody has the money to buy from you.

It’s all to preserve the vanity project that is the Euro. The common currency that could never, and will never work. Unless… Europe becomes all one country.

Which is, of course, the ultimate aim of the whole damnable project. One country, one government, one population of well-controlled people. Then, amalgamation with other superstates until someone runs the entire planet.

Why? Who in their right mind would want to run the whole planet? It would be a futile exercise because no matter how big a government gets, no matter how controlling any organisation becomes, there will always be those of us who will not do as they say. Those of us who simply don’t see money as being anything more than a convenient means of transaction. Those of us who refuse to worship those imaginary numbers. Those of us who just don’t care about it.

In one of the Batman films, Michael Caine delivers the line ‘Some men don’t care about money. Some men just want to watch the world burn’. The inference is that those who don’t care about money are destructive and inherently evil.

I disagree. I think the ones burning the world are those who care about money to the exclusion of everything else.

I really hope Greece stands its ground and continues to tell the EU to stick the Euro where the sun don’t shine but in reality I suspect they will eventually cave in. They need that bailout and they can’t run their own finances unless they have their own currency back. It’s a staring match and it all comes down to who blinks first.

Either way though, William Hague is right. The Euro project is doomed now. I suspect it was always intended to fail, to be replaced with something else. Something cashless so you can’t hoard any kind of reserve. So you can be wiped out at the push of a button if you step out of line.

Maybe I should hold back some of these tobacco leaves. We might be using them for trade sometime soon.


24 thoughts on “Europe slips up on Greece

  1. There will be a few more twists and turns before the Greece thing is sorted although sorted might be a moveable feast.

    Germany seems to have the most to lose and, apparently, has a history of not paying reparations or being let off with debts, a lot of which Greece previously wrote off.

    The new finance guy may also be something of a surprise for the creditors. He’s very anti-EU apparently.

    There’s no room for laughing. Too many people in Greece are having to live at a low level.

    Where will it end?


    • Germany has paid off EVERY dam fucking Cent that was agreeed at Potsdam and Yalta!

      There was a date to make claims, if the Greeks missed it, it only goes to show, that like a five year old in a sweet shop, the bastards know nothing about, and can not be trusted with money.

      Between 1933 and the collapse of the wall, Germany, AS AGREED, did not pay any reparations for WWI. SINCE then, in a meer 20 years we have not only paid off the first world war, but the second as well!

      We are STILL paying the pension of every damn Jew who happened to have been stared at strongly by a man in a brown shirt. We have recently GIVEN them three top class U-Boats. GIVEN! Not rented, sold, on tick, GIVEN!

      Has Britain paid off the Marshall plan yet?

      WE HAVE! So fuck off with yourt “let out of debt” shite! If we were let off anything, so were others!

      Other than that the Greek bastards had no shotgun up the srse to FORCE them to take these LOANS!

      You take a loan, you pay it back. SIMPLE.

      Or can I go to my Mortagge firm and claim to be Greek, and get off with my entire debt?

      THEY borrowed it, THEY pay it back!

      But no. We have a damn commy scum “Government” that is only too happy to let MY Granny starve, whilst the lazy, fat greasy Greek bastards retire on full pension at 55, or similar, and do FUCK all to pay their taxes, get all our money.



  2. What I want to know is – who kept forcing the Greeks to take all those euros?

    This poor bugger had to metaphorically provide the ins & outs of a duck’s arse before a building-society deigned to lend me some dosh.


  3. The situation in Greece is so dire, that those who work in the banks that aren’t open, still get that time counted as pensionable service!


  4. “One country, one government, one population of well-controlled people…”

    Or, in the original German: “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein…” Oh. Oh dear. This really won’t end well for anyone, will it?


  5. Who in their right mind would want to run the whole planet?

    Psychopaths. Oh, you said “right mind”.

    They created the “League of Nations” after WWI, but that wasn’t too successful, so they had another war so they could set up the UN and got eugenicists and internationalists to run it and make its devious legislation.

    There will be a global Beast system with billions killed under Agenda 21. It’s no joke.


      • That might be so, Kitler, but does this have anything to do with what I wrote?

        At least two of the UN’s main agencies had eugenicists as first Director-Generals; Julian Huxley at UNESCO and Brock Chisholm at the WHO. There may have been more, but this was the point I was making.

        These two individuals were nuts and it is truly dangerous fools who have laid the foundations for the modern world.

        Chisholm, a shrink, wanted to eradicate the notion of right and wrong:

        “To Chisholm, adherence to a moral code caused “guilt, inferiority and fear.” Simply put, he felt morality caused “neurotic behavior.” Man had to be “freed from the crippling burden” of having to live moral lives and not be forced to live under “the yoke of the conviction of sin” and the moral teachings of “old people.”

        No wonder we’re in trouble as a society.

        Julian Huxley was president of the British Eugenics Society and dangerously mad with evolutionary theory rotting his brain. He proposed this policy:

        “The lowest strata, allegedly less well-endowed genetically, are reproducing relatively too fast. Therefore birth-control methods must be taught them; they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive; long unemployment should be a ground for sterilization, or at least relief should be contingent upon no further children being brought into the world; and so on. That is to say, much of our eugenic programme will be curative and remedial merely, instead of preventive and constructive.”

        And that “family planning” was carried out by horrendous females like Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger, who concentrated their “clinics” in poor areas.

        I reckon people have been getting more stupid with the passing of time. They thought that “family planning” was for their benefit, but was for the eugenicists’ in high p[aces trying the same as the Nazis – “cleansing” the gene pool, but through propaganda as well as killing.


  6. Yes, I fear you are right Leggy. The EU is doomed to failure, but it won’t be replaced by a return to democracy and each country getting its sovereignity back. Oh no, it will usher in something far worse. Our ruling elite will ensure they get what they want. Bugger the rest of us.


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