Music has always in some way been a big part of my life. So I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a weekly music segment on the blog.

My love for music started when I was very young. My mum has always had a ton of records and later also cds that she listens too everyday. So one of the stories she loves to tell about me is when I was just a toddler and I’d stand in front of the tv and shake my diaper clad butt to MTV. (I may be revealing my young age now).

Those who know me will know that I, for a girl, always had a strange fascination with boobs. Perhaps that’s why my toddler self adored this song and music video or it may just have been the upbeat pop song that drew me in.

Another toddler me favourite and a grown up me favourite too. I now own a few George Harrison cds and he is by far my favourite Beatles member. My mum is all about Paul McCartney. Later his works in Traveling Wilburys introduced me to Tom Petty.

Now as a teen my taste in music was at best rather questionable. I remember my very first cd was Ace of Base. I was so proud. We only had one cd player in the house so my parents had to record it over to tape so I could listen to it in my room. Later came Spice Girls. My friends and I would preform in front of parents and I was always Posh Spice because of my dark hair. I really wanted to be Baby Spice, the blond one. After that came Britney Spears. I remember a classmate had filled a tape with only Hit me baby one more time and she’d play it in every recess.

In my later teens I started my goth phase. I wore loads of eyeliner and safety pins and listened to a lot of “dark” music. My favourite from that time was this one.

When that had run its course I went back to the classics. I listened to a lot of jazz and 40’s music like Andrew Sisters. Now a song I’ve always found to be a classic which I still haven gotten tired of is this

There’s been lots of other music genres and bands we haven’t even touched on. Which is why the hopefully next many Wednesdays you’ll tune in to more music. I have an idea of different themes so hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

The last number. A song from the album I’m super excited to buy when it gets a bit cheaper.


32 thoughts on “Musica!

  1. Oh goody! A music thread! I’ve got lots of music!

    When I was a toddler, records span at 78 RPM on the turntable and we still used horn needles. Then we got the ever-so-modern 45 RPM singles, and by the time I hit my early teens, we got LPs! And they span at 33 1/3 RPM. By the time CDs hit the market, I had four kids…

    This was one of the first records I bought when I was a lad:

    Although I came to like the flip side (don’t let me be misunderstood) better.

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  2. The new version of Firefox blocks Flash by default, so your post came up as a series of “nope, you can’t see this yet” boxes.

    Despite this, I read the bit about boobs and thought “I wonder if that’s the Sabrina video?”

    *click* Yes, it is.:D

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    • Oh I didn’t know that. But you can still watch the videos?
      I use Chrome after Firefox and I had a messy break up. I somehow deleted a file I shouldn’t have on my old pc and after that Firefox flat out refused to install on that machine. So I got Chrome instead and just never got round to going back.

      Her boobs must surely be a classic just by themselves. 🙂 Still I’m slightly impressed that you guessed.

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  3. I was obsessed with boobs, too, as a child. Neither my mother’s nor grandmother’s hefty bosoms where safe from my pudgy little hands.

    The first single I bought, or rather asked my mum to buy for me, was…

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  4. Talking about firsts, Usher’s ‘DJ Got us fallin in love’ was the first WCS Flashmob I learnt. (Not the best sound/video unfortunately, but it is in Beale Street, Menphis.). The only boobs are technical…

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  5. Ah – the famous Sabrina video! I remember that Bucko got a considerable number of hits when he posted that a few years back. I wonder why? Here’s a link (which includes one of mine to some screen grabs I took):

    As “Boobs” appears to be a popular theme here I’ll have a look through my collection to see if I can find any others.

    And If you still want to use Firefox (I use the Palemoon derivative) you can always get a “Portable” version and install it on a memory stick, or even just put it on a folder on your ‘puter. It doesn’t write anything to the registry, so shouldn’t be affected by whatever you did previously:

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    • Leggy may return asking what I’ve done to his blog and who all those people suddenly reading it are. I’m thinking a bit Bernard Black from Black Books if you’ve seen that?

      Ahh thank you 🙂 it was some years since we had our break up so I’ve since gotten a lap top after my trusty pc died. So I should hopefully be able to install it no problems. Unless Firefox is still prissy about the whole thing.

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