Clearout time

I have started putting things up on eBay. I’m still ‘Gutbugs’ on there, my earliest internet incarnation.

So far it’s model kits I’ll never find time to make and since they are hardly rare kits, I could buy them again if I do get the time. There’s much much more. The delay is partly caused by the bizarre postal rules in the UK where you have to determine the dimensions as well as the weight of each package and then select from a bewildering array of postage options. That’s just within the UK!

As I sort through the stuff, I do find things and wonder ‘Why do I even own this?’ Like the large box containing two mains powered light-up squirrels for garden use. Never got around to installing them.

There are sensible things too. A five-string banjo I won’t have time to play with any more, a metal detector, a takedown recurve bow with arrows, a one-man tent that isn’t going to be appropriate in the future…

I’ll put some of the 1/24 scale finished models on there. You never know. There’s a small Opel fire truck and a DAF kitbashed box van that are both right-hand drive. Few truck models in this scale come that way, and these didn’t either. In 1/24 I can easily do this again.

Tools – there is a laser-aimed bench-mounted circular saw that I bought to cut wood for decking and never used again. A bench grinder, and more. The scroll saw and jigsaw are essential items. I’ll keep those. And the drills. You can never have too many drills.

Although I suppose nobody really needs three angle grinders…

It’s been impossible to concentrate on that this week, with working early shift in one shop and late shift in another and trying to sleep a bit in between. Needless to say this has been a no-whisky week. Those hours and whisky do not mix well!

The clearout continues. Some will go to friends for safe keeping (some already has) and some as gifts and some into storage in my little lab. Eventually I’ll leave here carrying a shoulder bag and little else.

I have considered just doing that now. How much of this stuff would I really miss? Still, might as well turn at least some of it into cash first. I’ll need some of that, for sure.

There’s probably quite a lot of cash tied up in all the stuff here. Time to realise those investments 😉



19 thoughts on “Clearout time

  1. When I walked out on my first marriage I left everything except my clothes and my son. I had spent so long worrying about my house and things then eventually it was just bricks and mortar and didn’t matter compared to being so unhappy. Strange how many here have had unhappy first marriages and very successful second ones, must be wiser second time round! Hope all goes well for you both.

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    • I dare say you’re marrying whilst your personalities are still changing with age; you’ve not matured into the more or less final character you’ll keep for life, and those characters aren’t the two that got married.

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    • I had a short and unhappy first marriage. 20 years later I had a short and unhappy second marriage. They say you do better on your second marriage. I made the mistake of marrying for the second time someone who was marrying for the first!


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      • You might have a point, in my second we had both been married before. Another reason for failure I have noticed is when women, don’t know about men, rush into a new marriage and often to the very same type they divorced! I met my second husband three years later and married after two so no rush into it and he was totally different to my first.z


  2. Have you got any spare parts for my T34/85 tank? Boris needs a ‘spruce up’. Can’t get my stuff from Russia these days due to an embargo. I’m running out of 85mm anti-tank shells.

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  3. What’s wrong with having 3 angle grinders? Some very intelligent, handsome and successful people have 3 angle grinders.
    Maybe I should get rid of one or two …..?

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  4. “Although I suppose nobody really needs three angle grinders”

    You can never have enough angle grinders. Hell, if I had three of them, one would stay in the ancient Panda. It would have a narrow cutting disk fitted, and be useful if anyone was ever stupid enough to clamp it… In case you wondered, said old jalopy is a mobile test bed for my ideas, and has two batteries and a 230v/1kW inverter installed.


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