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Having been inspired by Leggy I figured it was about time I got some old UFO’s finished. (UnFinished Object) First thing I got around to finishing was my Hama beads. These were very popular when I was a kid. I remember spending loads of hours placing the little plastic beads on the belonging board making all Β sorts of things. I once did a huge basket with fruits. I don’t know where tiny me got the patience from. I’d told my mum that I thought it could be fun to try again but I was feeling a bit too grown up for it. She told me I was nuts and bought a big box of beads and a few boards. Of course I had to make penguins. Now they’ve been standing on my parents’ TV desk gathering dust as I left for home before I had a chance to iron the plastic beads together. So that was the first project of the day.


Now my next project took a lot longer. I am knitting a shawl. I started one it I think two summers back and I’m finally about 2/3 done. I’d knitted the back piece and a side but as it has a lot of stripes I’d left quite a lot of strings needed to be sewed in. Yesterday I’d made about 600 new stitches for the other side piece so today I wanted to sew in all the loose ends before attaching the side piece. It took me hours of cursing my past self and sore shoulders but I got it all done in the end and attached the side stitches.





Now the future task will be to finish knitting the second side and finish the huge Doctor Who scarf I’m making to Leggy.

How the shawl will hopefully end up looking like in the end. I chose my own colours inspired by a Tiffany lamp. I’ve always found them to be very pretty.


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