Danish Musica!

Even with a long list of ideas for music post themes I was feeling a bit lost as to what to post today. A bit early, yes. Now having been knocked out on the sofa with a bit of a fever I was tempted to go the easy way and just do a post of happy songs. But as I was searching for videos I realised that I didn’t have much to say about the different songs. It would have been a bunch of “This song cheers me up!”. So another idea hit me. Since last post was a bit of an introduction to me I figured I’d do a bit of an introduction into the different Danish music I like.

Tim Christensen has been in my music world since I was a teen. He used to be the lead singer in a band called Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. A pop rock band that every girl listened to when I was around 17. I think they made about 2 albums before Tim Christensen went solo. Some years later he made a song that was used as a theme song for a Danish drama called “Nicolai & Julie”. It was one of those songs you couldn’t get away from.
The song I chose is one of my favourites that he’s made.

Volbeat is a bit of a “strange” Danish band in that they aren’t as popular here as they seem to be in Germany and other countries. They did a concert here some years back. My mum and brother went along with me and we had a great time. Only downside was that they had two warm up bands. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Here’s the song I was most excited about hearing.

Oh land’s Son of a gun is one of those songs I heard until the neighbours were on the verge of giving me a new one just to get a bit of variation.
Fun fact: Nanna Øland Fabricius is daughter of Bent Fabricius who is a very well known musician here in Denmark.

Now the next two songs are songs my mum has brainwashed me with. Whenever I visit my parents you can be almost certain of two things – either the TV is on or a CD is playing on the stereo. Sometimes they do a compromise and the TV is muted and the stereo is playing on the side. So a lot of music I now like has been things my mum have played heavily when I’ve been visiting.

Tina Dicow is the first one. I did once almost see her live. I made it to the place then got a stomach bug right before the show started and had to go home.

Mike Andersen I got brainwashed with and I got dragged along to a concert. Sometimes my mum will call and say this or that is playing near us. Your dad doesn’t want to go so you’re going with me. I keep telling her that I’m saving up concerts and one day someone I really like will do a concert here and she’ll just have to come along.
Now this song I actually rather like. (Don’t tell Mama! 😉 )


18 thoughts on “Danish Musica!

  1. XX Volbeat is a bit of a “strange” Danish band in that they aren’t as popular here as they seem to be in Germany XX

    HA! I fucking HATE that!;

    “Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar!!!” (This video is not available in Germany.)

    I LOVE irony…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Let me think about it…..
    (Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand)
    In parts old skool, europopy. Did they sample Pimania Clair Sinclive & The Pi-Men – Pimania (from the spectrum 64 game)?


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