Life, work and eBay

Interesting times.

Mopzilla is now gone. I won’t go into detail about why he’s gone but it’s better for all concerned that he has, including him. We’re back to just me and Boss doing seven half-days a week each until we find a replacement. He lasted long enough for both me and Boss to take the time off we needed so it wasn’t a total disaster.

Our third wheels never last long. One of us must be scaring them off. I’m sure it can’t be me. Anyway, Mopzilla’s demise wasn’t my fault nor was it Boss’s fault. It was his.

This week was Nadia and Obelix’s week.

CynaraeStMary has been playing with Obelix on Twitter with a little help from a friend. Poor Obelix still has no idea who he’s talking with even though the clues are now so blatant I might as well tattoo this site URL on his forehead. How can they not have found me yet? I’m right in front of their eyes now. Obelix is even talking on Twitter with my only-ever co-blogger!

Boss knows what’s going on on Twitter, even though she’s not on it. I was forced to show her one of CynaraeStMary’s tweets to Obelix because I fell about laughing when I read it.

Boss is also well aware of my current situation and has given good advice on the now-urgent new home hunting. I might have somewhere this week. Somewhere much better than I expected. Fingers crossed.

Nadia, ah, the blank eyes are no allure but so tempting for the tormentor genes.

She cut herself shaving and went septic this week. Okay, it was her ankle she cut and I advised her not to use a chainsaw to shave her legs in future. She did have a real pus-production thing going for a while but apparently it’s clearing up now. Pity. I had plans for a plumwood leg with a castor on the end. It would have been an easy sale.

The real killer was when I was phoning Boss on Sunday night. Nads had asked to bum a cigarette at the end of the shift. No problem, I torment her so much I owe her at least that.

I phoned Boss to tell her that everything was okay, Mopzilla hadn’t done anything stupid or nasty on his last day and she could come back from holiday with no worries – other than that she is the only number on my new phone, which could have interesting consequences if Wife finds out I have a new phone.

While on the phone, Big Nads was demanding her snout so I told Boss ‘I have to go, Nadia wants me to give her one’.

Boss started laughing. Nadia didn’t. At the back door, with Boss still laughing on the phone and The Misery (ex-Mopman) present, Nadia loudly demanded I give it to her there and then, because her mum was waiting outside and if I gave her one in front of her mum then her mum would go ballistic.

Yes, yes I think she probably would.

At this point, Mopman could hardly stand up, I was shaking with laughter and Boss was howling down the phone. Nads had the only straight face within hearing range.

I offered my cigarette case without speaking because at this point I couldn’t. She took one. She could have taken the whole case, it was so worth it (but don’t tell her or she will next time).

She left and there was a lot of laughing before Mopman and I could leave. It cheered Boss up a bit and she’s in need of cheering up lately so it did a bit of good. It was also incredibly funny.


I have to load another batch onto eBay. Doing well so far and haven’t touched the railway yet. I discovered that old teaching microscope slides sell at about £2 each and I have 200 of them. In two nice wooden boxes. They can go now.

Remember the old railway tickets that were little cards, around 1960/1970? I have a few of the metal plates used to stamp them. Somewhere I have even older typeset ones. These don’t seem to be on eBay at all so finding a price will be hard.

And I have to sell off my armoury of deadly things. Not just to stop me damaging myself with them. She’s just as bad as me for meddling and I can imagine coming home to find she’s pinned her hand to a table with the telephone just out of reach and a look of ‘Oops’ in her eyes. Fortunately I am always well supplied with first aid stuff.

ebay seems to work best with an end time between 7 -9 pm. Avoid ending on Friday or Saturday because people with the money to bid are out getting plastered.

Postage is killing it though. It’s getting ridiculous now. I have two pistol crossbows to send tomorrow (should have been today) and it’s actually cheaper to send them in two boxes rather than one. Combine them and you go into the next parcel level.

Crazy times here. Normality will eventually resume.

Or at least, as close as it gets here.


57 thoughts on “Life, work and eBay

  1. “Boss is also well aware of my current situation and has given good advice on the now-urgent new home hunting. I might have somewhere this week.”

    Sorry if I’m a bit behind the times here, but …. aren’t you now firmly ensconced in a cosy little love-nest chez CStM … ?

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  2. “Remember the old railway tickets that were little cards, around 1960/1970? I have a few of the metal plates used to stamp them.”

    Who remembers the devices at the stations that allowed you to emboss your name or whatever on a strip of aluminium?

    It was something like a tanner for up to 20 letters.

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  3. Postage is killing it though. It’s getting ridiculous now.

    Indeed it is – among other things. All the time, the eBay execs are devising new ways of keeping a greater proportion of the sale price. Adding 10% fees to postage was a killer – on top of the ever-increasing postage costs, way over inflation over recent years.

    I used to sell quite a bit on eBay. What finished it for me was the lack of customer support. Amazon makes it really easy: you choose a subject and spill your heart out and hit ‘Send’!

    With eBay, you’re on ‘chat’ or on the telephone to someone in Ireland or the Philippines. I had to spend an average of probably over an hour trying to get a reply to the most rudimentary questions.

    I see now that wages in the Philippines must be too high for eBay, so they have opened call centres in India. And now that they have increased nearly all the categories’ final value fees to 10%, they are starting to edge some of them up; we now have some categories at 11%. I’m sure they will rise to 15% in time (plus your PayPal fees).

    Because I am VAT-registered, the postage situation made it impossible for me to compete with the unregistered home-sellers who are happy to make a small profit per sale. I had to charge 20% VAT on top of the postage, plus on top of the PayPal fees.

    I think PayPal is 3.4% plus 20p per transaction, so for a £10 sale, the fees are 54p or 5.4%.

    I will probably use eBay again, but for its original purpose – getting rid of junk I want rid of, like a job lot of many thousands of T-shirt transfers, letters and numbers I have – starting bid 99p – courier charge £50 plus 10% eBay fees, plus PayPal fees, plus 20% VAT.

    I would no doubt save myself time and effort throwing them away, but they might be useful for someone.

    Excuse my rambling, but I really can’t stand eBay now. They treat sellers like dirt and hold dishonest buyers in high esteem. eBay wants the fees and it doesn’t seem to matter if buyers have signed for a delivery then claim it never arrived – they just side with the buyer and keep the fees. And you can’t leave the buyer negative feedback, but he can leave if for you out of malice.

    The Facebook page used to have a review section, but I see they got rid of it – there were more 1-star ratings than 5-star ones (generally 5 stars from buyers; 1 star from sellers!).

    I tried using alternatives with very much smaller fees, like ebid, but the masses are addicted to eBay, just like they are with the LibLabCon Party.

    P.S. Another thing with the post is the increasing number of items you aren’t allowed to send, including the ashes of your loved ones. Although it’s a callous swine who would list those on eBay…

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    • If you’re sending a person’s ashes by post, merely list them as “High purity calcium phosphate powder” and package them really, really well. That isn’t on the banned list, as far as I am aware.

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    • I could imagine that the Chinese sellers doesn’t make it easy either. I’ve bought a lot of different nail art supplies recently and I must admit that I’ve bought most from China as they usually are cheaper and offer free shipping. Plus often I can’t get it shipped from the UK to here.

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  4. LI – with regard to your new telecoms device, I would say to keep an eye on the post, since your new provider (since you said you had taken out a contract) will send you a “welcome to [provider]” letter – that might rather give the game away. Also, they may or may not insist on sending you paper bills and such.

    Of course, you probably gave the lab address when you took out the contract…or at least, I assume you would have done, being the devious sort that you are…

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