Danish Musica Part 2

The parental unit has gone away for a holiday in Prague so I’m looking after their two dogs, kitten and house for a weeks time. It’s a bit of a full house with their two dogs and my own. Say the word “Garden” and you have a tsunami of dogs heading towards the front door. We also have the company of a mysterious and rather annoying noise that no one seems to know where it’s originating from.

I figured that since last weeks Danish musica blog was all Danes singing in English that I’d do a part two with Danes singing in Danish. All seems fairly simple, and it was in some ways. I’d found a few videos when a kitten wanted attention and started tramping around the laptop hitting the power key. Then I got sneezed at by a dog repeatedly. At least the hedgehog is asleep.

TV2 – De første kærester på månen

TV2 is a band that, starting in 1981, has been around all my life. My mum is a fan of their music so I grew up with it. But then it is one of those bands that most Danes know about. Play one of their songs in a disco and you’ll be sure that a bunch of drunken people will sing along.
I chose one of the newer songs since it’s one of my personal favourites. I even found a translation of the lyrics


Sys Bjerre – Tabt mit hjerte

Recently they did a program on TV called “Toppen af Poppen” (Top of the pop) where they invited in different Danish musicians and let them interpret each others songs.This song (Lost my heart) is originally an  80’s song by Anne Linnet but I think Sys Bjerre preforms it in a much more delicate way than Linnet ever did. It’s a song about how she’s asked her lover to pack and leave but now she realises that the lover is the one holding her heart and she’s begging the lover not to leave. It’s one of those songs that always makes me a bit misty eyed.


Barbera Moleko – Dum for dig

This song (Stupid for you) was a big hit a few years back and then the singer seemed to fade away to where all one hit wonders go. It’s a song about pretty much being at the beck and call to someone you love or like who doesn’t return the feelings and knowing that what you’re doing isn’t good for you but you can’t seem to get out of the relationship.


Dorthe Gerlach – Natlys

This is one of those singers that has grown on me. She’s the lead singer of the Danish band Hush which is one of my mum’s favourite bands. She has now made a solo album where she sings in Danish and it’s more pop than the country feel that Hush is known for.

Jooks – Hun vil ha’ en rapper

When I was younger I had a phase of listening mostly to Danish rap music and that’s where I first met Jooks in the band Rent Mel. I did debate using one of their songs but in the end I went for one of his solo songs that just like Dorthe Gerlach is more pop than what he came from. Hun vil ha’ en rapper (She wants a rapper) is a fun, light pop song that is rather catchy.


6 thoughts on “Danish Musica Part 2

  1. Three things are absolutely clear:

    1. You’re Danish;
    2. You’re a girl;
    3. You love music;
    4. Leggy seems to have fallen on his feet.

    Four things. That’s four things absolutely clear.

    And a fifth … oh what the hell.

    Liked by 1 person

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