The underdog sleeps tonight

Many thanks for the offers on the bows – I’ll be in touch tomorrow.

Tonight I have to sleep, because tomorrow I have to view a potential new home. Right size, right place, right price. Looks very promising indeed.

Unfortunately they want me to look at it at 8:30 am. Quite why anyone wants to look at anything at that time of day is a mystery. It’s the morning, all the shadows are pointing the wrong way and it gets confusing.

There can be no booze tonight. I can’t turn up smelling even faintly of whisky or be even a touch dazed or red-eyed. Bright and sparkling and the sort of bloke any landlord would love to have as a tenant.

Bright and sparkling. At 8:30 am. Is that even possible? Would anyone even notice?

Still, it is definitely worth the effort. Anyone who has my current address, get ready to burn it. I hope it won’t be valid – very soon.

Me, shutting down before midnight? You know it’s serious!


Update: It was very nice but way too small. I tried to imagine having friends over, or having Christmas in there and frankly, it would have been impossible unless all my friends were hobbits. Not all of them are.

The search continues…



8 thoughts on “The underdog sleeps tonight

  1. “Unfortunately they want me to look at it at 8:30 am. Quite why anyone wants to look at anything at that time of day is a mystery.”

    I’m fine with that, though I prefer 6am or thereabouts so I can turn in at a respectable hour when I’m done. During periods of my life when I’d be heading home at such hours on mass transit it was remarkable how bright ‘n buzzy I was compared to all the zombiefied-still-halfasleeps wandering around the stations.

    6am is a great time for extensive dental work. You stay up, see the dentist, head home and sleep!

    MJM, vampire at heart…

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  2. Check for rail links and/or aircraft flight lines, or noisy factories that start work later on. When you’ve viewed the place, pop back to the area later on in the day for a nose round.

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