The Poundland Electrofag

Poundland now stock a clearomiser rechargeable Electrofag called 88vape for one single British pound. There are flavours of electrojuices for it, one pound each.

Who could resist?  Not me, I bought one and a bottle of menthol juice too. I never found the tobacco flavours to be any good but there is some consistency in menthol flavours.

For £2 you get this –


Out of the boxes –


Poor picture quality I know, but this is a low cost post. The Electrofag comes with a USB charger that helpfully has the manufacturer’s name on it. No need to worry about whether it’s the right charger if you have more than one type, as I do. The battery arrived discharged so needed to charge up before use.

The build quality feels a bit cheap but then it is cheap. It has cost next to nothing. So don’t expect the same quality as a Really or the big ones that look like sonic smokedrivers. We are in basic land here. Still it does look and feel solid enough to be useable.

The instructions claim you should replace the  clearomiser every 6-8 weeks. Sod that. At these prices you can get a whole new Electrofag every week.

It works okay for me  The menthol juice is shite, I’ll try something better in it. However, the machinery works okay. It does what it says it’ll do, and that’s really all that matters.

The battery is 650 mAh which will have purists all in a tizzy but come on, one pound? Get real here. If that’s not enough power, just buy two or three. This won’t break the bank.

For the price, I am impressed. Get some decent juice in it and it has potential. Certainly for anyone thinking about trying their first Electrofag, it’s ideal.

What a pity the Puritans despise it as much as they do tobacco.


10 thoughts on “The Poundland Electrofag

  1. Never seen the full kit in poundland.i have been using the 88juice blueberry 11mg but they have changed’s in new packaging and they have changed the’s not nice!😑


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