Demon Cats

It has been a week since the parental unit left their house in my charge and I was starting to feel the cabin fever creep in. The house is in a small village smack in the middle of absolutely nothing and a windy field. Seriously the neighbour village has one of those big tourist road signs for the local pizza place. That’s how far out they live.

I did have an appointment today with the optician to pick up my new glasses but it was at 10. Getting up around 8 to stumble into a shower, clothes and then the local bus, which takes an hour, isn’t really my idea of a fun way to start out the day but I got it done. Mostly because it meant a few hours in civilization.

I got to the record shop to pick up two cds mum and I had got them to put aside for us and I managed to get out without buying anything else. Now it didn’t go that well in the Normal shop. It’s a discount shop that sells cosmetics, hair products, cleaning supplies and sweets. What else could a woman want? Okay perhaps handbags, books and films and cds but otherwise it has a pretty good selection. Now I had told myself that after I bought about 15 nail polishes, very cheap though from a German site, that I wouldn’t buy anymore nail polish this month. I came out with 5 bottles. I should be ashamed but I’m not.

Another thing that made it a joy to get out of the house was mum’s newest kitten. I think it’s number 3 or 4 in a line of unfortunate cats. One ran away, one got hit by a car, twice, and so on. But this kitten is Satan reincarnated. I am sure that the Americans have a top secret lab underneath Gitmo, surely the best place to hide it, where an evil mastermind is making weird tests and creating vicious creatures and super bugs. And this tiny kitten managed to escape and is now hiding as my mum’s pet. Just look at Hilary Clinton’s reaction to the news of it’s escape. Allergies my arse!


I normally like cats but this one is just stressful. If it isn’t making all kinds of noise it’s attacking something, often my dog Susie – once whilst she was out in the garden doing her business, or it’s demanding to be let in then out, then in and then out again over and over and over. ARGH!!

Apparently I lost my future as a crazy cat lady. I’ll get a ton of dogs instead.

Kacey Musgraves – Pageant Material

Now this is the cd I was sent to pick up. I introduced my mum to the first album and we are both big fans. I picked this one since it reminded me a bit of myself. I was very much a bit of a tomboy as a child and I tend to say things that make people think “Did she just say that?” and yes, yes I did.

Lukas Graham – Mama Said

This guy used to play a role in a very famous Danish children’s film and for ages I didn’t know it was the same guy. I own his first album and very much enjoy it and I will be getting his newest one.
Now this song did have me scratching my head for a while. It did at just a short point strongly remind me of another song. I did manage to figure out which ones. But telling you guys would be too easy. So, can you guys guess which song I was reminded of?

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft Bruno Mars

Now this song is my new jam. I like listening to music whilst I cook and lately I’ve been doing my little cooking booty shake to this song. It is just fun and catchy.

Hugo – 99 Problems

A remake? of Jay-Z’s 99 problems but in a completely different genre. I heard it as the TV ad song for the TV series The Blacklist, a show I am very addicted to although I’m only halfway through season 2. I heard the song and I was hooked. It’s still one of my favourite songs.


22 thoughts on “Demon Cats

  1. “Just look at Hilary Clinton’s reaction to the news of it’s escape.”

    Bugger! I thought that image was Hillary’s reaction to the vid showing Bill not having sexual relations with Monica.

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  2. My two-penneth and in the eternal words of Monty Python – “And Now For Something Completely Different”:

    It’s such a slow burner, you may want to jump to the 4-minute mark ..

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  3. The solution for a cat that forever wants to be in when out, or out when in, is a catflap. As cats are smart enough to steal each others’ food by burgling houses, might I suggest the following:

    Firstly, find a food it really likes, the “Dreamies” cat treat works well here.

    Secondly, accustom it to the fact that you and only you can hand these out.

    Thirdly, when this has penetrated the little sod’s brain (which may take a while, cats aren’t actually very smart), teach it tricks. The first trick is “Press this button for a treat”.

    Fourthly, teach Trick the Second: Press these buttons in sequence to get a treat.

    Finally, Put the cat out, with the buttons on the outside of the cat flap and you inside with the cat treats. To get the treats, kitty presses the buttons to get in.

    Congratulations, you now have a cat trained to punch buttons to get into the house.

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      • Dr Dan H – the cat does have an open window it can walk in and out of but it isn’t very bright so it’ll sometimes stand outside the window crying to be let in. If I then open the door and call out for it the daft thing will just stand there looking all confused. I swear the wheel is turning but the hamster is long gone.
        One time I was trying to close the door behind it and it ran out like I was trying to kill it. Sigh!
        Luckily for my nerves I have just been cat-sitting it. It is my mum’s kitten. I’ll soon be going back to my cat free home.

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