Top 5 films I can’t wait to watch

Today is a pretty good day. For once I actually slept through the entire night. This is a bit of a rare thing for me so I am very excited.

Now in my last post the very talented Westcoast2 left a melody. I personally think it’s really good so in case you missed it I’m putting a link so you can go check him out. Go give a brother some love. Or something… (I did ask for permission first)

Soap Shop II

on to the films

Agent 47

Now I must admit I got very giddy when seeing this trailer. I really enjoyed the first Hitman film. No, it wasn’t a master piece in anyway and the plot may have been a bit airy but come on. There’s an awesome Hitman, guns, things blowing up and a hot babe. Which as far as I can see from the trailer pretty much summons up both films.
Growing up my dad and I would watch Steven Segal films, the Die Hard films and so on together. So I love a good action film. Now I must admit I’m a bit bummed out that Timothy Olyphant isn’t Agent 47 but the new guy looks pretty decent too.

Suicide Squad

Now this trailer made my inner fan girl jump and squee in excitement. I have always been a massive Batman fan. As a kid my mum sewed me a Batsuit which was just a jogging suit with a homemade Batman logo but I loved the thing to pieces. So much so that when I grew out of it I made my mum toss it in front of me so I could be certain she wouldn’t pass it on to my younger brother.
Harley Quinn was one of my favourite characters in the series. So something with her in it is sure to excite me. And it’ll be very interesting to see what they’ll do with the Joker. Heath Ledger did an amazing job. It’ll be a tough act to follow.

Furious 7

I may in many cases be a girly girl who knows nothing about cars but I do really enjoy this series of films. I once had a boyfriend ask me to show him one of my favourite films so I showed him one of the Fast and the Furious films. He kept falling asleep so I made him rewatch it untill he stayed up the entire way through.
Now in this newest one they have combined some of the best things I like in an action film. Car chases, things blowing up and Jason Statham. Can it get any better than that?


Besides action films I grew up with Disney. My brothers and I had a vhs tape with Lion King that we saw so much the tape broke. My first film in the cinema was watching The Little Mermaid. Yes, I still watch the new Disney films. I adore Frozen. So when I heard that this was coming out I knew I had to see it. I know I’m a bit behind as it has already hit dvds I just haven’t had the chance yet to pick it up.


This one just looks very, very funny. I really liked the minions in Despicable Me so I am very much hoping that they’ll be able to hold up a film of their own. I will watch it along with Leggy as I already made him familiar with the minions.

So which films are you guys looking forward to watching?

15 thoughts on “Top 5 films I can’t wait to watch

  1. Never heard of any of them. Seen a lot of those one eyed yellow things around the web, WHAT they are, I have no clue, and suspect I do not care enough to find out.

    In fact, I believe the last film I went to see was the Outlaw Josey Wales, when it was new.

    Action films TOTALY no interest. When you have seen these weapons, USED these weapons, in real life, they are all mere comodys.

    Hiding behind a car door to stop a bullet!? FUCK OFF!

    NO WAY!!!

    And people beng shot do NOT fly fifty foot backwards and get thrown through a plate glass window. They drop like a stuck pig, on the spot.

    Films I WOULD buy.

    The story of discovering the Rabies cure. Old B/W thing, the Madame Currie story, (ALL old 40s 50s B/W films), James Robertson Justice films, Target for tonight, and similar. Weegee. That kind of thing.

    Modern films are crap.

    The photographic skill is that of a bag of spastic apes on speed, and the sound is fucking ridiculous. From not being able to hear them whisper, which appears to be most of the time with this modern crap, to having your fucking ears blown out by a film greanade that in real life would find it hard to be louder that a morning after a kilo of sprouts and marmite fart.

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