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Trying to write on a laptop with a dog trying to lick your eye can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you’re in a slight bit of a hurry. I’m meeting mum in town today for some burger and expensive tea.

Now yesterday was my grandfather’s birthday party so I figured I’d do something special with my nails. I wanted something light and girly and to try out some of my new things from the German shopping orgy. So this is what I came up with

2015-08-15 11.25.13

If you’re for some reason interested in how I achieved this here is a rough guide.

What you’ll need is

2015-08-15 11.19.58

A base coat
3 polishes of your choice I chose 3 pink ones where one was a bit lighter than the other and a white polish (who was camera shy)
A top coat
A make up sponge
A stamping polish I chose white
A stamping plate, scraper, stamper, lint roller and tape
Nail glue or a clear top coat
A pearl like half bead and tiny beads
Tooth picks and if you have one of those wax pencils to pick up beads
Nail polish remover
Q-tips and a small brush that you won’t mind using with nail polish remover

How to

  1. Apply base coat to all fingers and let it dry for a few minutes
  2. Apply coats of white polish to an okay opacity.
  3. Apply 3 lines of the pink polish on your make up sponge and dap on all fingers. Let it dry for a few minutes and go over again with the sponge with fresh polish. Do this until you have desired opacity. I just needed to go over mine twice.
    Apply a layer of top coat to blend the colours a bit more together.
    A video on how to make this gradient effect Here
  4. Clean up around the nail with the Q-tip and brush and let polish completely dry.
  5. Apply your stamping polish to the stamping plate, scrape away the excess polish and transfer the image to the nail with the stamper. I used a bow pattern on all my fingers except the ring finger.
    A video on how to stamp here
  6. Use tape to remove what stamping image got onto your skin
  7. On the ring finger I applied a bit of nail glue but you can also use clear polish, use my wax pencil to place the pearl half bead and then used a tooth pick dipped in top coat to line the smaller beads around the half pearl
  8. Top coat all your nails and let them dry.

25 thoughts on “Creative corner – Nails

  1. What a palaver.

    Fellas would simply wrap masking tape around the end 1″ of each finger & thumb, scalpel knife away the bits covering the nail, then dunk the digits in an open tin of Dulux Gloss.

    5 minutes max. For both hands.

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  2. Well, I never thought I’d ever be discussing girly things like nail varnish here on Leggy’s patch! He somehow never seemed interested in discussing the finer points of well-applied makeup whenever I raised the subject with him … !

    Seriously, though, I think your nails look fab. I just wish I had enough nail to do lovely things like that with them. Alas, no. I’ve inherited my father’s short, stubby nails, and they break ALL the time, even when they’re already very short from breaking the last time, so the last thing I want to do is to attract any attention to them! Sigh!

    Have you seen (or even tried) nail marbling? There are loads of vids on YouTube (which make it look incredibly easy, of course, but I bet it’s not), and the effect is stunning.

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    • I’m not sure Leggy thought this day would happen either if you’d asked him a year ago.

      Thank you 🙂 some of mine seem to like to break too. I’m trying out a base coat that supposedly should help against splitting nails. I’ll let you know how it works out. If it does work I’ll gladly send you a bottle. And if you ever get nearby I’ll gladly use you as a nail guinea pig 😉 everyone deserves nice looking nails.

      I have tried it once. I found it to be rather temperamental. The polishes had to be the right consistency, the water temp not too cold and I ended up with something that looked like it was made by a drunk 5 year old. Hopefully with practice I’ll make it to sober 10 year old or beyond. 🙂

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  3. Glad I’m a bloke. My nails are maintained by the scissors and file on a tiny Victorinox Classic pen-knife which is on my key-ring. The number of articles in your kit – 16 it would seem – is similar in number to my possessions excluding clothes, tools and books ie watch, wallet, lighter, pen, phone, spectacles, keys (including pen-knife and mini torch.), shaving kit, my footwear (two pairs of shoes and one pair of boots), my computer, my motorcycle and my dogs.
    If my wife felt that she needed all that to do her nails I would think she’d gone mad, but each to their own and it does look quite pretty.


    • I have lots of other things. I know I have more nail things than most women. I’ve been buying a lot cheap on ebay.
      To me doing my nails is my moment of zen. It’s what I do if I feel stressed to clear my head and just focus on something small.

      What kind of dogs do you have?


      • A Weimeraner/Labrador crossbreed who’s old and likes to snooze in a patch of sunlight, thumping her tail once or twice if you speak to her. And a collie-based lurcher who likes to run round the lawnmower and bite at the wheels. He can shift his centre of gravity in an act of passive resistance which makes it all but impossible to lift him into a bath; he weighs 25kg. The other dog is bigger but likes the bath and just steps in.
        A de-stress via Clean and Sharpen? Maybe your fingernail routine goes back a very long way.


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