Adam Cohen

It’s been a bit of a hard time this past weeks time and more. I’ve just felt drained and sad. You know one of those times where you just feel like a bad remark away from getting misty eyed

I got invited to my granddad’s birthday party which was very surprising since I only tend to get invited to the big celebrations. My grandmother isn’t always the most tactful person. So I spent a lot of time wondering why I’d been invited trying to find the catch. Seems like there for once wasn’t one. It was a pleasant visit with great food and he liked his gift.

I try to be a happy person, which in times like these isn’t always easy. I’ve had people tell me that I need to toughen up and not be so silly and in a way that has been a thing I’ve been grumbling over for a while now. When did it become okay to be a douche bag to people? My brothers and I were raised to say please and thank you and my dad always told us never to tease others about the way they looked because people were responsible for the way they act but not for their physical features. But it seems like these days if someone does something to piss of another it’s “this fat bitch”. I once heard someone, walking past an imigrant, who joked that some people would look better in a burka. Or my grandmother at a birthday party saying very loudly “was that Hellen? I barely recognised her because she’s gotten so fat!”. When did that become okay?

Another thing I don’t get is those going “oh it’s freedom of speech!”. And really I support freedom of speech. It has done some great things through the years. But it seems like today a lot of people will act like a dick and then pull up the shield of freedom of speech. Yes, you can say whatever you like but do we really need to? Is it really necessary to tell some local politician that you hope his kids get cancer because you don’t agree with his opinions? And what I really don’t get is those who’ll go around poking people with their mean stick and then acts all omg like get a grip. Freedom of speech bro. I mean if you stand in the street calling passerbys the c word you shouldn’t really be surprised or run crying when you at some point get a word back or get punched.

I just don’t understand people who seem to go out of their way to be negative. I’ll stop rambling and get on to the music.

I must admit I’ve never gotten into Leonard Cohen. He writes some great songs, I rather like Jennifer Warnes tribute cd Famous Blue Raincoat, I just never really fell in love with Cohen’s singing style. I am however very fond of the music that his son Adam Cohen makes. So he is today’s music segment.

What other guy

Cohen is what I usually put on when I want something soft and gentle.


I absolutely love this song. It’s the song I imagine myself having that first dance with my newly husband at our wedding. It is just beautiful and for me fitting.

We go home

This one from the newest album has a bit more go to it. It was the first one I heard and the one that drew me into the world of Adam Cohen

Love is

I have a neighbour who is a big papa Cohen fan so I let her borrow the newest Adam album since she was curious as to wether she’d like his music or not. She didn’t. She thought his lyrics was rather empty compared to his father’s. I disagree, I think if you look past the upbeat music you do find pretty good lyrics too.


9 thoughts on “Adam Cohen

  1. Haven’t listened to Adam Cohen but a nice selection.

    I can relate to having a hard time though. Not feeling on top form and struggling with some dance moves to Jason Derulo’s Want To Want Me, I came across the Andie Case mashup “Want To Want Me” – “I Want You To Want Me” by Jason Derulo & Cheap Trick, which made me smile.

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  2. Ah. Makes sense now. I was beginning to wonder why Leggie was using the word “gotten” in his post; now it is clear – he isn’t. Please follow his example, in future.


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