The pressure cycle

Today’s news tells us that people prefer women to be slim rather than curvy and well-fed. Studies have Shown and Experts have Said so it must be true for everyone.

It’s not true for me but then I have not been assimilated. Resistance is never futile. It won’t be true for almost all those who come here for a bit of a read and to catch up on the latest episode of my insane soap opera life either. If it was, you wouldn’t be likely to be here.

I don’t much care about body shape. It’s not the first thing I look for although when I do look, I like to see curves. Okay, I’m not going to be too attracted by curves tending to the extent of planetoid but then I am certainly not attracted to a visible pelvic bone and arms that look like they might snap at any moment. I like women with a bit of meat on their bones.

There are young girls in that shop so thin that I wonder how they manage to lift their forearms. It can’t be good for them.

For me, a waist so thin that I’d worry about her breaking in two with a hug is no good. I don’t want a woman I might have to stick back together with duct tape.

Other people will disagree, naturally. We are all individuals and some will prefer the more rounded figure, some the spherical figure. Others will prefer the preying mantis look, or even those women who look like they weigh less than their photograph.

The drones, of course, will prefer what they have been told to prefer.

And there is the flaw in the study. The obsession with BMI and body shape and superficial appearance has been battered into drone heads for years now. This study merely completes the cycle. People have been told what they must prefer, it’s been well drummed into them, and now they run a study asking people what they prefer and good golly gosh – they prefer what they have been told to prefer! Who would have thought?

It’s no different to a rote-learning course with an exam at the end. Can you regurgitate the crap you were taught to remember? Then you pass the exam.

This ‘medical’ obsession with superficiality is getting pretty annoying now. For those new here who think I am an obese, stubble-faced and spotty internet goblin typing in his string vest and grey skidmarked Y-fronts while chomping down the eighth Pot Noodle of the hour and trying to justify it, look back through the posts. There are recent photos. I am not fat. Nor do I look like Death in a pink latex bodysuit. But it really doesn’t matter.

What you look like does not matter at all. It’s what you do and who you are that matters. You can look like a peg-toothed tramp and be an angel inside or you can look like an Aryan demigod and be an utterly intolerable bastard. The outside is irrelevant. It really is what’s inside that matters.

That train of thought is gone for the drones. The assimilated drones believe everyone is the same on the inside and must therefore look the same on the outside. The British Standard Human is the new Aryan race. It’s still going on. It will probably never stop.

If you’re focused completely on the outside, on appearance, then there can be only one conclusion.

You have nothing inside.

Certainly nothing I’m interested in seeing.


8 thoughts on “The pressure cycle

  1. XX The assimilated drones believe everyone is the same on the inside XX

    Aye. And that is why every fucking group you can think of wants their own “cultural centers,” their own “reccognition,” etc etc.

    If they are all the same, why do they insist on being “different” so much?

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  2. “People have been told what they must prefer…”

    The number of gross fat birds appearing in the local press with gross fat kids at heel proves that some very obviously don’t..!


  3. Not riding a bicycle to work and other places sent my waistline out from 30″ to 35″ – which is a hell of a lot, considering it’s circumference we are talking about. Travelling for work doesn’t help as the food at my destination will be pig or duck.
    But having to have new suits and shirts cut is a small price to pay compared to hospitalisation and physiotherapy after a crash.
    There is no time for gym exercise. My most important organ is my brain, that is what’s putting food on the table.
    When I am relocated (and it’s when, not if), it will be back to Bicyclestan, and normal service will be resumed. With the benefit of hindsight, I might not ride the bicycle on icy roads on the way back from the pub at 0330 this time, though.

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  4. I have often thought that I am a bit strange. I dress and look as I personally want to. And I don’t look at the shape and size of a man before I decide I fancy him. As it is, I have always wanted to be fancied for my brain and intellect. Sadly, this has never happened.
    Yer, yer, I know. I haven’t got brain or intellect.


  5. The ratio of hips to waist is supposed to be what some/most men find attractive in women.
    So whether they’re thin or fat, the ratio’s where it’s at!
    Personally, I’m so grateful for any attention from the fairer sex that I don’t notice…


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