Salty fatty people

Your body will regulate its salt and water content to the level it wants it to be at. If you eat too much salt you get thirsty and drink more water. If your kidneys don’t excrete the salt fast enough you’ll get water retention and bloating.

This is not fat. It’s water. it is not the same thing as being fat at all. Slow down with the salt and your kidneys will catch up and you’ll lose the excess water too. In a matter of days or even hours.

There are hormonal reasons for water retention too so if you’re a premenstrual woman at the moment… put down the frying pan, have a nice cup of tea and calm down. I wasn’t getting at you, honest.

The mob with the surprisingly honest name of CASH (because that’s what it’s all about for them really) are pretending that water retention is the same as obesity and that you get fat from eating salt. Salt has no digestible or metabolisable calories at all. It’s a ground-up rock. It has no more calories than powdered brick.

Even the Experts who Say are balking at this one. It’s utter bilge. It’s beyond even the mythologically homeopathic status of tobacco smoke, which gets deadlier as it gets more dilute. That has now reached the point where it’s at its most deadly when you can neither see nor smell it and hoo boy, we can have so much fun with that one. Someone, one day, will die from trying not to breathe air.

In the bag of pork scratchings I like to get from time to time (I usually get a pack of six bags and have been known to eat all of them in an evening) there is a lot of salt. A lot of fat too. With a smidgeon of protein. They are not a ‘healthy food choice’, it’s roast pig skin, but they are really nice. If I make a roast pork joint I always put the skin (and underlying fat) back in the oven to get properly crisped up. Then I coat it in salt and have it as snacks.

The new place has about 5 kg of salt moved in already. I’m not going to run out any time soon πŸ™‚

When I buy salted peanuts I find they have often skimped on the salt so I add some. Sometimes with crisps too. Boiled eggs are inedible without copious amounts of added salt and unsalted butter tastes like creamed cockroach shit.

I like salt and I’ll eat as much as I damn well please. I like fat too. The hot fat on a roast beef or pork joint is wonderful to eat while carving. Preferably dipped in salt.

I like burgers, hot dogs, pakora, anything at all deep fried (except broccoli – that stuff is grown to be model railway trees and has no other realistic function). I am particularly fond of curries and pizza and all kinds of pasta and at a pinch you can eat pasta just boiled and salted and it tastes pretty good. I eat some fruit, not much, I eat vegetables if they’re on the pizza and if they are on my plate I’ll eat them too. But I don’t seek out those things.

I go for the food that most regard as crap junk food. I am 5’9″ and a hint over 12 stone. There is only one person on the planet who can confirm that not much of it is fat.

It used to be. I used to be 15 stone and climbing but then I was on enforced healthy eating. Mostly cereals, which I rarely touch now. Not since grasping the point that when farmers want to fatten pigs for market, they increase the cereal content of the feed. It’s not fat that makes you fat. The fat you eat is not usually human fat and is not immediately stored. It has to be broken down and rebuilt.

It’s much easier for your body to build fat reserves from simple carbohydrates. The sort you find in cereals.

Nobody puts salt on cereals, except the Scots who put it on porridge. Everyone else puts something different on cereals. They add sugar because cereals are seriously boring foods. This just makes it worse.

The CASH article is just another attempt to get money and to control us as well as a good dig at ‘Big Food’. If they actually gave a shit about obesity they’d look at the real causes.

Such as – nobody really does much physical movement any more. It started around 1900 withΒ  the invention of the motor car.

Tomorrow night I will be permanently moved to my new place. It’s five miles (8 km) from work. I can take the bus once I ditch what’s left of my car but at a pinch I could walk it. It would only take 90 minutes or so.

Realistically, how many of today’s generation would even consider doing that?

Trying to blame it on salt? Really?

I wonder who the CASH mob score on the BMI game?


17 thoughts on “Salty fatty people

  1. Funny is that, I put more salt in bags of nuts and crisps, and no, I don’t feel guilty. I have been conditioned not to use too much salt when I am cooking so I just add it to my food afterwards, generally to cries of shock, horror, which I ignore. I have even been known to add a sprinkling of salt to jam or honey on toast, and I never buy demi sel butter any more. I have always been like this since I remember my grandmother expressing concern over the amount of salt I ate when I was three. It must be in the genes.

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  2. Adding salt, and sugar, after the event does not work.

    It has to be in the process stage. Try making custard without suger. No matter how many teaspoons you add after it is on the rum sponge cake, it will NOT taste the same as when the sugar was in the origional mix.

    Weetabix! Used to love them. Now, they taste like sugared milk mixed with roof insulation padding. Why? Because there is no bloody sugar in the making of them. Shredded wheat the same.

    Tins of sweetcorn! SWEET?? My fucking ARSE are they sweet.

    Shower of faschist pricks have ruined everything.

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  3. Tomorrow night I will be permanently moved to my new place….

    Ooer, no going back now. How has ‘her indoors’ taken it? Thrown a wobbler? Temper tantrums? Do tell…


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  4. “…unsalted butter tastes like creamed cockroach shit.”

    Ha! Very true,that (not that I’ve ever tasted cockroach shit but…). All modern baking recipes seem to call for using unsalted butter. I do a LOT of regular home baking, mainly just storecupboard stuff like ginger oat biscuits and flapjacks and fruit teabreads. Much cheaper and much nicer than shop bought. But for god’s sake, they all need enough salt to bring out the flavour.

    Also lack of salt seriously harms you, as you’ve pointed out before. When in Greece I lost count of the number of times otherwise healthy-looking holidaymakers turned pale and started to keel over in temperatures above 35C, even though they knew to drink enough water. Being force fed a bag of salty greek oregano crisps usually worked within minutes.

    Finally, the very best of luck with your move this weekend. Does the ex Mrs LI actually know you’re moving out – I assume she’s still living there though you’ve never made it clear (nor do I expect you to) – or are you going to do a moonlight flit? I expect we’ll hear the small explosion even down here in Yorkshire when she finds out.


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