Viking Invasion

I am now esconced in a small flat with an attic. Yes, an attic of a type that would be perfect for storing a deranged offspring or performing Santaic rituals at Christmas. It’s a Dume room. Photos to follow later, once I’ve shown someone around.

I have the Romulus Crowe ghosthunting equipment and vast camera collection (most of it anyway) and I have a drinks cabinet perfect for me, as Legiron. Not much in it yet. All three of me have a place here, and we are not alone.

CynaraeStMary is my first visitor. She arrived yesterday via Amsterdam, with no luggage because her case stopped off at the bar in Amsterdam and was not allowed on the plane until it sobered up. CStM seemed surprised by the missing case. She’ll get used to having odd things happen, in time.

The case arrived today. As a result I have lost a T-shirt already. I’m being pillaged!

This explains the previous mystery post and we are both disappointed nobody guessed, but don’t worry, we are in too good a mood to go into any kind of huff šŸ™‚

There might be sporadic blogging for a while. And not much of the Legiron rage for a while.

Wednesday music will be moved to Thursday (or Friday) this week. We ask your patience.


14 thoughts on “Viking Invasion

  1. “This explains the previous mystery post and we are both disappointed nobody guessed,”

    Silly boy ‘n gal… of COURSE we guessed! LOL! Other than getting together what else have either of you been burbling happily about the last few months!


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  2. In 1063 when Scotland was free
    And the English were merely our neighbours
    Along came a band of fighting young men
    we called them the Viking Invaders

    (then it becomes rather bawdy)

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