Normal service will be resumed eventually. In the meantime we are both still alive and well and having a good time. I have not managed to kill us both yet, I am tempering my usual driving attitude somewhat and am not deliberately provoking any big hairy bikers.

I failed to capture Nessie, as she wanted, despite driving all the way to Loch Ness and having the best bait ever in the water. She didn’t stay in long enough. What the hell, I’d never seen Loch Ness even though I’ve lived less than 100 miles away for over 25 years. I’ve seen it now and we had a really good day for it too.

I will post pics of that fabulous attic after CStM has had a look. It is an ideal room for storing the utterly deranged relative, or for writing horrible stories.

This post is brought to you courtesy of a vivid bad dream I will neither relate nor use as a story base. CStM is sound asleep, a rarity worth preserving in itself. Tonight I’m the one with sleep problems.

Compared to the rest of my life, this is a trivial problem 🙂


9 thoughts on “Interim

  1. Glad you are still alive and enjoying life. I did worry for a minute or ten.
    There is something to be said for illicit love. Been there and done that, probably all too often. But you did try to do the right thing at great cost to yourself. So just get on and be happy.

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  2. When I was visiting with John Gray and his mum ten years ago in Wales, I had the most WONDERFUL little “attic” type guest room to stay in! To make things even better, as I was coming to wakefulness in the morning I noticed I was faintly hearing a very pleasant voice discoursing in a language I didn’t understand but which sounded VERY strangely beautiful… as if it tapped into warm and wonderful childhood memories: His 92 year old mum was on the telephone down at the bottom of the stairwell talking to someone in Welsh! The “twang” of the language felt very close to the deep Irish brogue that my grandmother evidently had (although at the time I never actually “noticed” it — new friends however would occasionally tell me that it was so pronounced that they had a hard time actually understanding her.

    Which brings another odd memory to mind. I had a very close lady friend at the time here in Philly who I brought up to Brooklyn to “meet the family.” She was a bit disconcerted by how “religious” they were, which surprised me, because I’d never thought of them in that way. Then I realized that all the background Catholic paraphenalia of crucifixes, pictures of Blessed Virgin, small holy water “fonts” on a couple of the walls near doors/staircases must look to her… since I’d had *exactly* the same reaction when I’d visited her parents and was “surrounded” by similar Jewish paraphenalia! It’s funny how we can be so unaware of various excesses in the background pattern of our own lives and upbringings sometimes, eh?


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    • Clicky!! You’re supposed to ask first

      Yes! It’s polite. Besides, he’s already writing the nightmare ‘Panoptica’

      Dunno. Sometime before the end of the year, I think. Have a care, Click, he’s got other stuff going on 😉


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