The Dume Room

Welcome to my attic. So far unadorned with manacles, brazier, implements of torture, pentacle, candles or reddish spatters. This is the Dume Room in its native state.



I think this will make a very fine writing room. It will need a bit of a clean, a little desk and chair, but that’s all. In this room, nightmares can come alive and demons cackle in the shadows.

This home is temporary. We both want somewhere with a garden. Nonetheless, I intend to make full use of this gloomy enclosure while I have it.

Dark stories are stirring again. About time too.

21 thoughts on “The Dume Room

  1. Oh my! I can just IMAGINE that stone wall adorned with implements of destruction! ::sigh:: too bad your budget probably doesn’t run to a large flatscreen or you could have a “fireplace” too!

    You guys will have a blast there! Wishin’ ya the bestest!


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  3. Interesting stone wall – many memories embedded there I suspect. I’m sure some of your scary stories have made use of the echoes of lost souls locked in stone – and that wall has history!

    Before wax cylinders and then shellac discs and magnetic tape, how were events recorded, how were people remembered? The stones know, the stones keep the secrets (of the loves & hates of previous generations, the lives preserved, the lives lost, and the pleasures and pains experienced by the protagonists). There are misty memories swirling about that wall dating back to the ages of mystery and alchemy – choose your decor with care!

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    • I have wondered about the replay type hauntings. They don’t interact, they just do the same thing every time. So, not ghosts, just recordings on the surroundings.

      If you could work out how they are recorded and what triggers playback, you could make a fortune.

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      • I am told that the experts on this sort of thing, i.e. the Catholic Church (being about the only religious group common in Britain that will still perform an exorcism), state that aside non-supernatural causes such as unshielded power cables, human stupidity and so on, the recording-type haunt is by far and away the commonest variety.

        Aside from these sorts, actual sentient spirits or entities are vanishingly rare, and presumably have much better things to do with their time other than annoy stupid humans. Of this rare group, demonic or actually evil entities are rare to the point of hardly existing at all. Actually summoning such entities is presumably rather difficult; keeping them here more difficult still.

        Non-spiritual haunts would presumably be much more common. Many’s the old church built on the site of somewhere significant to older religions; the church at Woolfardisworthy in Devon was one such that I stumbled upon by accident. It has a certain atmosphere; there’s something different about it and a quick, surreptitious mooch round with dowsing kit revealed what it was. The entire floor, excepting the tower and altar area, was “hot” to a dowser; not water but presumably geomagnetism or ancient disturbance of some sort.

        I haven’t done the obvious experiment and dowsed the site of an old slaughterhouse yet, so cannot say whether multiple animal deaths cause this effect (I rather doubt it, but the experiment needs to be done), but I rather suspect that the cause is a change to magnetism rather than ritual or other killings. Fires long ago would lock in old, different geomagnetism, to which I suspect most animals including humans are sensitive.

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        • I admit to laughing aloud at ‘orbs’ (dust and insects) and at spikes on EMF meters caused by fridges switching on, but I know that ghosts are real. I can’t prove it to anyone else but hang around with me long enough and you’ll see them. They’re just part of the background for me 🙂


  4. Dume Rume looks Cool!
    But, please reassure us it won’t have to turn into Panic Room and that you’re both safe from the wrath of your ex. I don’t want the gory details (well actually I’m lying and curious as hell, but let’s say I do at least respect your choices for privacy).
    And yes, I would want a garden too.
    Warmest wishes again for your new life together. Lx

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  5. So Poppy has moved over to Jockland and in with you permanently then?

    Congratulations of course, and the very best of luck, but I would have thought it was safer, given the close proximity of the Fifth Horsewoman of the Apocalypse for you have relocated to Denmark.

    And another thing… who’s looking after her hedgehog? (this is not an analogy in case of any confusion)

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