Jeremy Corbyn, closet Tory

He must be.

Even Harold Wilson wasn’t this Red. Corbyn is the extreme, the epitome of the illusion that Tories have of the mad Left. Oh sure, the mad ones are real but kept in place by Labour until the time comes to kill them all but shh, don’t tell them about that. A look at history would explain but they don’t get taught that any more.

Corbyn has picked Kerry McCarthy as his farming shadow monster. I am probably still banned from her blog but might go back in a different skin. She hates us all. We eat things.

He has declared that benefits should be unlimited because the current cap of twice my income is not good enough for his workshy voters. I could get twice as much by doing fuck all? I’m in, Jeremy. Where will you get your tax from now? The obvious flaw in the plan evidently eludes the socialist mind, as usual.

My father was a coal miner. Our local MP at the time was one Neil Kinnock, who my father knew personally and I learned some imaginative insults at a very young age because of this. Kinnock nearly made a miner vote not-Labour.

That’s something even Thatcher never managed to achieve.

I remember Harold Wilson, the shabby coat and pipe guy. He looked like the weirdo at the end of the street we kids all avoided but came across as a man of the people. In hindsight, he was a commie arse but let’s be fair, he hid it well.

There was Michael Foot, a leg-end in his time. He looked and sounded like the crazed brother of Worzel Gummidge that the family kept in the basement and pretended didn’t exist.

Kinnock, Foot, even Moribund. The Corbyn creature polls below them all.

This is not a real socialist. This is a Tory caricature of a socialist. A monster made to make Labour unelectable forever.

Even if the Cameroid had non-consensual sex with a porcine corpse, this would not put one vote Labour’s way.

Corbyn will be hailed as a hero in future Tory annals. In the meantime, let’s just watch the show.

It’s entertaining, so far.


16 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn, closet Tory

  1. I know one or two loonie lefties. They’re all well educated, public school types who wish to change the world for the better. Thing is they are so up their own arse with their leftie ideology, they are blind to the real world, especially what’s coming out of the middle east. On the one hand they promote the feminist and homosexual agenda and human rights. On the other, they open the door to a bunch of fanatics who hate women and gays. You just couldn’t make it up….

    Corbyn, on the telly, sounds so plausible, so likeable. I could have him round for tea and I’m sure we’d get on. He might yet get in, in 2020, because the ordinary British voter will be so sick of CallmeDave and his duplicitous bunch of nerds, that they’ll vote for anyone in desperation. But could he cope????

    The future doesn’t bear thinking about. God help us all.

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    • Yep, the very same lefties who sought to have one Mike Tyson denied a short terms visa because he was a convicted rapist are welcoming hordes of god-knows-who, with a mentality from the middle ages.

      What could go wrong?

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      • Hey, it’s all part of the plan. Divide and conquer. Water down the indigenous population until it’s so dilute that it can’t put up any resistance. Once they establish a situation of permanent internal strife that is occupying everyone, we can then be inextricably absorbed into the EU superstate without anyone noticing.

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  2. Corbyn is an elected MP. I think he’s underestimated.

    Despite the daily media character assassination attempts, so far he is staying on the path he’s set, whether anyone agrees with it or not.

    We should give him time to settle down and develop some effective opposition to the dreadful Camborne monster, which has no principles, policies or morals.

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      • Ah, but has he integrity? He is if nothing else a professional politician with all the baggage that accrues. It’s all he’s ever done. Do you really think he’s any different to the rest of the motley crew in Westminster?

        He’s an Islington luvvie by the looks of it, so I’m sceptical about his motives.

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    • Effective parliamentary opposition works on the unspoken message of “Listen to us talk some sense, or next election we’ll be replacing you!”.

      When the opposition are slightly less popular than bubonic plague, this doesn’t work very well.


  3. Corbyn’s great great grandfather James Sargeant was the despotic master of Farnham Union Workhouse, possibly the very worst in England. Perhaps it’s in the genes to reduce us all to penury and worse.

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