Scotland and Stine Bramsen

I wouldn’t be surprised if travel agencies are a bit evil. For some reason Amsterdam seems to be the new hot spot for flight changes. Which in itself isn’t evil. I don’t mind Amsterdam airport it’s a nice enough airport. There’s plenty of stuff to buy and they don’t claim to have free wi-fi and then let you find out that it really only is free if your mother’s maiden name starts with a random letter of the day and you’re crawling around in the air vent system on top of the janitor’s closet. Now what I found evil was that I had about 40 minutes to get from gate D-something to E-something. Which doesn’t sound too bad unless you know how big an airport it is. I wonder if they make a bet as the flight lands and then just lean back and watch as people power walk through the place to get to their next flight. And just to make things interesting there’s a passport check right smack in the middle. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit.

So I started in Copenhagen by landing in the mother of all queues just to get through security. Somehow my passport get pulled to the side. Then no one was paying attention as I walked through the metal detector.
I race through Amsterdam airport and make it to another long queue in Scotland. Why would you put two passport guys on duty for several planes and then make one for passports outside the EU. I make it through and my luggage is missing with the knitted cardigan for Leggy.

The stay in Scotland was however much better than the flight over there. I’ve had English friends tell me all the horrors of the Scottish weather and people but I found it very homely. I did live a bit in Norway as a child and spent many holidays there visiting family so mountains and snow is probably in my genes.
One thing I did like very much about Scotland, besides Leggy and the nature, was the Poundshop and Primark. You could get nail polish for 1£, which ended up with me buying about 23 bottles. I have no trouble seeing myself living there.
It did however take me a few trips to the shop to figure out that they weren’t in fact sold out of all cigarettes and tobacco they had just hidden it somewhere with a lion, witch and free wi-fi behind an ugly grey wall of evil and repression.

These days I’m at parents’ house looking after their dogs and the child of Satan aka the cat. This time the little bugger found that kibbles in the blue bowl aren’t worthy of being eaten unless you move then to the bowl for the wet food that is right beside it. It can have a blue bowl filled with kibbles but if the red one is empty it’s screaming up about death by malnourishment.

So on to the music before the little demon wakes up again.

Alphabeat – Fascination

I remember getting this album years back and absolutely loving it. I still do. It’s such a fun pop album that just makes you want to dance and sing. This was from their debut album and their breakthrough song.

Alphabeat – Fantastic 6

This was one of my favourite songs from the album. Once again a catchy pop song that’s just a bit of fun.

Stine Bramsen – Prototypical

About a year ago, Stine Bramsen the lead singer, decided to focus on a solo project and the first song out was Prototypical. This one shows a more grown up version of her.

Stine Bramsem – Karmatown

With this song she goes back to her pop roots but it is still a slightly more grown up version than seen in the early songs.

Stine Bramsen – Woman

This is the newest of her songs and I really like the message that it’s sending. It’s not saying that curvy is better than skinny it’s just telling women to love themselves as they are and to be proud. I really like the kind of African beat, makes it a very catchy song. I can’t wait to get the album.



8 thoughts on “Scotland and Stine Bramsen

    • The weather was actually rather good most of the stay. The day we went to Loch Ness was a gorgeous day and pretty warm for the time of year. I think we only had a few days with rain.

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