In the days of yore, when risk equalled thrill and life wasn’t bubble wrapped, we had a damn good time. I recall going to the corner shop to pick up Dad’s ten  Players smokes and buying sweets with the change. Then age limits came in and we (me and little brother) had to go back and say we weren’t allowed to get them any more.

Dad went to the corner shop in a rage. We should have gone along to watch. It must have been hilarious.

All we thought was ‘no more sweets’ but we had reckoned without Nanna and some aunties. There was no interruption in sweets.

Back in those days, lots of things were made of brass. Door handles especially but also handrails and taps and many other things. Brass is an easily worked alloy and the copper component is antibacterial while zinc is proven to speed wound healing. Together they are soft enough to work easily and hard enough to resist easy denting.

Hospitals were once full of brass. Door handles, handrails, even the toilet flush handle was brass. They might not have known when they put it all in but they had placed the best antibacterial/wound healing stuff over the whole place and they put it where everyone would touch it.

Then they sold it all for scrap. They exchanged health for money. Your missing years of life paid for new carpets for the admin block. Aren’t you so very pleased?

They put in plastic and wood and are still trying to work out why hospital infections are on the increase. These are possibly the highest paid idiots on the planet.

And we, you and me, are paying them.

Now there is an early Halloween story for you. A world run by mindless zombies who care nothing for your brain but who find the content of your bank account irresistible.

The downside is that it wouldn’t be fiction.


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