We’re all oldies but goodies

The mothership has arrived home from Norway, carrying gifts and caramel pudding, and I am back home. I am once again surrounded by books and nail polish. I got back home to five notes from the post man. I may have done a bit of online shopping and bought some 12 new books whilst Leggy was at work and couldn’t make arguments for why I should wait with the book buying until after my birthday next month.

So yeah, my birthday is a thing that is happening soon. I have been saving since summer, have made reservations and sent out the invites and I have finally made my wishlist. So all is ready for the big day and still I feel completely unprepared.

Susie, the dachshund, has been getting a bit stressed these past weeks with me going away and going back and forth between home and parents’ house. So she has adopted her pink squeaky toy flamingo Dave as her own. She will bite him so he makes his squeaky noise and then cry back to him. I have thought about giving him a tiny snip and make the noise stop but I’m not sure how she’d react to that. It did get a bit much at one point so Dave was banned to the closet for a while and he is now out of the closet on probation to see how it goes.
And yes, there has been quite a few jokes about the pink flamingo coming out of the closet.

So today we are doing a look back in music Wednesday. I had a long phase where most of the music I listened to was from the 40’s and 50’s. So today is a pick of some of my favourite songs from that time.

George Formby – When I’m cleaning windows

This song doesn’t really need an introduction. Fun and quirky and proving that ukes are awesome instruments.

Perry Como and the Fontane sisters – Hoop-Dee-Doo

I must admit that inside my head I have this idea of how cool it would be to put on a flowy dress, rock a victory curl and just swing it, baby. But sadly in the real world I have a coordination skill that’s worse than a drunk toddler’s so maybe another life.

The Fontane sisters – Hearts made of stone

Were they all sisters? I must admit I have never been curious enough to google it. Or I did and I just forgot, that’s a possibility. Could be there just was a thing for sisters back then. And why always 3? I mean the axis of evil, the sisters and so on.

Andrew Sisters – Don’t bring Lulu

Here we have even more sisters.Β I wonder if I could dress up my brothers as girls and make a group. Or complain to my mother about her ruining my chance for making a swing band by only giving me brothers.

Doris Day – Dream a little dream of me

A beautiful song to round up this weeks music.


25 thoughts on “We’re all oldies but goodies

  1. Blimey, I grew up listening to those tracks on the wireless. The BBC Light Programme was the channel’s name, I think. Nobody who took radio seriously ever listened to the Light Programme – it was considered the ‘dumbed down’ station for the uneducated masses who were unable to appreciate classical music or cerebral discussion. There was a lot of radio snobbery in those days!

    I remember the excitement of getting my first little transistor radio (I must have been about 12 or 13), and huddling under the bedsheets at night as I clandestinely tuned in to Radio Luxembourg. Ooh, the thrill of rebellion! Rock and Roll!

    I hope your birthday celebrations go well, CStM. Will Leg Iron be attending? If you’re lucky, he’ll buy you a model kit of an articulated truck and a bottle of Malt Whisky. Then you’ll really know he loves you! πŸ™‚

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    • My grandparents had a huge old Victrola and radio. In addition to local broadcast channels the radio also had a special setting that allowed me (in the 1960s!) to listen to…. THE COMMUNISTS! Yep, Radio Moscow! I remember thinking I was listening to secret transmissions that the government didn’t want us to hear! LOL! It was just ordinary shortwave of course, but *I* didn’t know that!


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    • I do like classical music too. I sometimes listen to Puccini when I knit.

      I don’t get the snobbery about taste. I like fun music. And yes, I know that not everything I like is a masterpiece that’ll go on for generations but who cares. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a Britney song. It’s the same with books.

      Leggy will be attending πŸ˜€ just him coming over will be the best birthday present by itself. If he does that I’ll start giving him nail polish and women’s underwear in my size.

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  2. Some of my favourite arrangements of big band era classics

    Mega intro (nearly 2 mins before vocals)…

    ‘Grab your coat, don’t forget your hat
    But leave your worries, leave ’em on the doorstep
    Life’s sweet, just direct your feet
    To the sunny, sunny side of the street….’

    And some Fred and Ginga..


    Happy birthday!

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