I’ll start with a song I have on the old vinyl music medium…

It’s an odd feeling when you get in a taxi and the taxi driver tells you where he’s going to take you. When you want a house extension of two rooms but the architect says four. When you want the extension in blue brick and the builder says red. Who is in charge here?

It’s clear really. The one paying is the one in charge. Or that’s how it used to be.

Not any more. We pay the council to tell us when we’re allowed to put the bin out and what’s allowed to be in it. We pay taxes so a TV licence crew can work with lies, entrapment and coercion while being aided and abetted by the police and courts. We pay the NHS to tell us how to live and we pay the Government to tell us what to do. We, the productive and creative ones, pay idiots to make us into drones. And we never question it.

If you earn money, you pay tax. If you spend money, you pay tax. If you want to insure the things you bought, you pay tax on the insurance too. No matter what you do, you give a slice of the money to people who didn’t work to earn it and who didn’t make the things you bought.

Worse, the people who did make the things you bought had to pay tax on their raw materials, on their business premises and any staff they may have, and then on the money you use to pay them which is money you’re already paid tax on – and you’re paying tax again on the things you’re buying.

No wonder we’re all skint while politicians – who do nothing productive – swan around in chauffeured cars and fly first class. We’re paying for all that, and in return they make up laws to keep us paying them and to keep us behaving as they direct.

The worst part is that so few people question it. Oh I know the very rich will hire a good accountant to reduce their tax bill as much as possible and the big corporations just put their business base in another country. I don’t blame them at all. When you look at Wastemonster and see what we’re paying for, it’s natural to be resentful.

Nothing is going to change until so many people ask ‘why?’ that they can no longer be ignored. That should be the first step.

It’s frustrating becasue the drones will laugh and ignore you but if you plant that question in their minds, that ‘why?’, it will drift around in there and it will eventually start to resurface.

When they look at their council tax bill that ‘why?’ will nudge at their minds. When they pay for petrol, when they see VAT on goods, when they look at the tax on their payslips… ‘why?’

Once it’s in there it won’t go away, and sooner or later one drone will turn to another and ask ‘Why?’

That’s where it gets interesting. Nothing happens while the question nags at individual minds but once it comes out it will spread. It has the potential to become a question the government can no longer ignore.

That’s when we find out they have no answer.




8 thoughts on “Money

  1. We were – most of us – made to go to school for between 11 and 13 years. Nowadays, there is ‘pre-school’ which is school, so why the ‘pre’? Will there be a pre-pre-school starting at age one and a pre-pre-pre-school indoctrinating the baby while in the womb?

    Probably. Seeing as unborn babies react to stimuli weeks before they are born. I’m sure the government must want to start to teach about ‘gay rights’ and sex ‘education’ as early as possible.

    That’s not my reason for commenting. My point is that, through all those years, we were never taught (at least the truth) about money, tax, government or law. That way, we can be kept as ignorant slaves all our lives – the majority of us are in debt, paying incredible amounts of tax, as you say, ignorant of how we are governed and (mostly) unable to represent ourselves in law, or even understand it because words can mean whatever lawyers want them to mean – that’s because they are ‘learned’ and we are stupid.

    The last thing any government wants is that people should realise that they are paying £9 for a £2 packet of cigarettes or £14 for a £4 bottle of whisky or £1.10 for a 34p litre of petrol – using money which has already had income tax and N.I. deducted!

    They also don’t want us to have access to a fair legal system as they constantly invent stupid ‘laws’ like thoughtcrimes, cut back on Legal Aid, give the Old Bill targets to meet so they can nab anyone for just about anything while spouting. “You have the right to remain silent….” when you have no idea whether speaking or not will help you.

    If people ever do waken up en masse there will likely be a civil war because it’ll be the only way to change the situation.

    If the Named Person thing doesn’t do it in Scotland, I reckon nothing will. I have emailed my MP about this (one of the SNP’s new boys – and I know it’s an Edinburgh issue) and spoken of my concerns only to be told that we must ‘agree to disagree’. I have emailed him back saying that this maybe so but that he is employed to represent me.

    Not that he is ever likely to, like his Labour predecessor. They all adhere to party dogma and do not serve us. This is something else the people have to wake up to.

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  2. I know one taxi driver that will always go the way the passenger directs. It’s usually the longer way and so more dosh for him. And as long as they’re not smuggled in a horse (too high, strictly for safety reasons) or outright abuse him whilst undertaking their directing, he;ll take them there. Otherwise he’ll just let them off at the point they morph into pompous sat nav, or he’ll take them back to where they originally hailed him down. So they can choose another driver more to their taste. Always, always thinking of the customer, is that taxi driver 😉

    As for tax, he pays less in one (admittedly in advance) year than I’m milked of in one month. Not that I earn any more than him or work less hours…

    That’s right, Clicky, in India I’d be revered…

    I would go self employed but I don’t have a Scooby as to what else I can do… something that pays for a roof, lekky, water and sanitation, as well as other inconvenient sundries 😉

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  3. Did you know that in France if they charge you too much for House Taxes, which incidentally are derisory compared to UK, and then your Inland Revenue charge is Nil, they actually give you some of it back. I got a rebate cheque from The Inland Revenue for 56 Euros last week, and I have never paid a penny here in Income Tax in twenty odd years.
    Needless to say that the cheque was in the bank before they could change their minds.

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  4. I prefer the US Sales Tax to VAT.
    I know it is inconvenient in that you can never get the exact money ready, but every time you pay for something you realise how much the state is taking. I’d love to see all prices at their actual price with “plus taxes”. Probably something like 20p for a litre of petrol, plus taxes!

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  5. When I lived in the UK, I actually tried to work out how much tax I paid in a calendar month. Not just income tax and VAT, but the layers of taxation from import of raw materials to all the various ‘duties’ imposed. I never quite nailed it down, but it worked out at somewhere approaching two thirds of all our household cashflow. Layers upon layers of taxation. Utterly staggering.


  6. I also tried to work out how much tax I paid in a day. Was way too complicated just like it was designed to do. We pay tax on tax on tax on tax etc. I liked the USA model also. The tax on purchases at the time I was there was around 6%.


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