Well spun sugar

Do you know how much sugar is in a grape? An apricot? A potato? Any of the fancy fruits now touted as the next great health thing?

When you take out the water, what’s left is almost all sugar. Plant cell walls are made of cellulose which is made of glucose. It’s sugar. Plants store energy as starch which is long chains of… glucose. Sugar. All of it.

There is more. There are other types of sugar besides the glucose, fructose, sucrose and lactose you might have heard of. There are really only three sugars in that list. Sucrose is glucose and fructose combined. Lactose is glucose and galactose combined. Never heard of galactose? Every time you put milk on your muesli you’re eating it anyway.

The muesli itself is mostly grain starch and cellulose which, as I’ve already pointed out, is made of sugar.

There are other sugars out there. Arabinose, xylose, mannose, a host of others you’ve never heard of, many of which you can safely eat because you can’t digest them anyway so they won’t make you fat.

Meat contains sugar, stored as glycogen in muscle fibre. That’s glucose too.

Take any meal from any source, treat with enzymes to hydrolyse the polymerised sugar and then do a simple reducing-sugar test such as Fehling’s and you will find that every single meal, no matter the components, is mostly sugar.

That makes the latest campaign backed by the drooling idiot Jimbo Oliver a load of utter bollocks and an embarrassment to the entire scientific world. They tested selected targets and made no attempt at any form of control by testing ‘health’ foods. I suspect they knew the information I just gave you all in advance and knew exactly what they would find.

Life runs on sugar. Living things store sugar. If your meal contains flour then it contains starch which is sugar. If it has meat or vegetables in it, it contains sugar. If it is made of algae or insects or bacteria it contains sugar.

Incidentally, the hard shell of insects is made of something called chitin and guess what? It’s made of sugar too. As is chitosan, the outer coating of many moulds and fungi. Including Quorn. N-acetyl glucosamine. Look it up. Glucose with added bits, that’s all it is.

Finding that any ready meal is 60% sugar is no surprise at all. It is not 60% glucose or sucrose because that would be inedible. Most of that sugar is in starch, which isn’t sweet, and in cellulose which isn’t even digestible by humans. All the sugar in cellulose drops out of your other end. It’s called ‘fibre’ and it’s made of sugar. It counts when you measure sugar content and calories but it goes straight through undigested.

Furthermore, the starch in ready meals has been cooked and then cooled and chilled. Some of it is now ‘retrograde’ starch which you can’t digest. It goes right through.

This report is not science. It is a politically motivated tax grab. One that has been proven to not work at all in other countries and here it is again based on so-called ‘research’ that should make everyone who calls themselves a scientist absolutely furious at the humiliation and mockery it brings upon the entire profession.

If the government can ever be motivated into doing something useful, it should investigate the funding of these pressure groups masquerading as researchers, name them all and make them justify their ridiculous assertions at a meeting of genuine scientists.

There should be ministers present to witness the evisceration of these comical conclusions and the raucous laughter of real science at these playtime amateur charlatans.

That won’t happen. The government will tax sugar. The government will nod seriously in mock understanding at the lies and fabrications they are told by suited control-freak idiots.

Because we are governed by anencephalics.

(Every politician, without exception, will have to look that up, and they won’t understand what they find)

35 thoughts on “Well spun sugar

  1. All governments are bankrupt (morally and fiscally) why would they reject an opportunity to increase their spincome? Everything will be taxed and the single issue fanatics, corrupt scientists and lobbyists just add a veneer of legitimacy to them taking our hard earned away from us. One step up from outright theft.

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  2. I now realise why the Scottish ‘Government’ and Welsh Assembly are bigger control freaks than Wastemonster.

    “The trouble here, though, is that ministers in the Welsh Assembly or the Scottish Parliament instinctively understand that the devolved assemblies aren’t powerhouses of decision-making. Local assemblies may be able to make decisions on collecting the bins, sorting out street lighting or tinkering with transport, but they’re not in a position to make a substantial difference to a region’s economy. They’re not in a position to implement changes that can improve infrastructure or affect the lives of people in any meaningful way. Instead, they have the power to meddle, interfere and restrict ordinary people’s day-to-day behaviour. They’re meaningless institutions desperately in search of meaning. So, in order to create a sense of purpose, to show they’re more than just talking shops, the devolved assemblies introduce fresh bans, new laws and more red tape. Yes, banning e-cigarettes in public places or placing all children under state surveillance doesn’t make much rational sense. But for a minister seeking to justify their existence, such policies make perfect sense. ”

    “…activists are more likely to defend all sorts of authoritarian measures that they would object to if Westminster had introduced them. The SNP congratulates itself for demolishing the Labour Party’s support in Scotland, only to introduce controls and bans that make New Labour appear like a collection of commune-dwelling anarchists. As anyone who has argued with SNP members will know, they’re bizarrely incapable of making any critical judgements about their party’s poisonous authoritarianism. The centrality of Scottish identity is a way through which politics is now suspended north of the border.


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    • And I think we’re being used as testing grounds for this stuff because we have small populations of fairly integral people who are easily led – like lambs to the slaughter.

      When bans and surveillance are accepted here and branded a ‘success’ they will be rolled out elsewhere.

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    • Could that be the point of them? If central government imposed such silly laws they’d be laughed at but if it’s local, well, that’s okay boyo/jimmy.

      Might be what those idiot minigovs are for…

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      • I had assumed – and I think this is the greater part of it anyway – that devolution was intended to divide the UK, as we were too strong and independent for the globalists to handle comfortably. Even without ‘independence’ they have sown the seeds of discord simply by introducing free prescriptions everywhere except England!

        Now, the English have that chip on the shoulder people everywhere else have had for centuries and they have been calling, en masse, for Scottish independence!

        By splitting up countries into smaller units and stirring up nationalism (or ‘localism’?) the people seem to be more easily controlled. They seem to generally trust their local ‘government’ more as it isn’t so far away and they probably think they have more say (haha).

        Overall though, like in the Yuri Bezmenov talk, I think people have been demoralised for years and they just don’t have the gumption to put up a fight now.

        And by doing things the Fabian way – almost imperceptibly slowly – things which would have triggered outrage years ago appear normal today after all the conditioning – the ‘grooming’ of the population – to accept all new ‘sexualities’ as normal and all bans and surveillance as being for our own good because, even if the NHS remove a kidney instead of the appendix, social workers take away their children and the old folks’ home leaves their parents soaked in their own urine, they’ll still think that they live in the best country in the world (as long as we’re in the EU).

        Rant over. At ease, men.

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      • hehe, I’m NOT a policitian Leggy, but although quite well versed in the English Language – didnt know what anencephalics meant.
        After looking in Thesaurus – I couldnt agree more!! Hear Hear that man!!
        “the absence of all or a part of the brain and part of the skull at birth”

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    • This is why I strongly support reducing the central government hand-out to the regions, and giving them tax-raising powers instead. To do so would be to give them sufficient rope to hang themselves, and they urgently need to be given that rope.

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  3. But all theses organisations are funded by central government, they lobby central government and the BBC provides additional propaganda. See last nights meat is bad for you from WHO and who are they? Government is supposed to protect us in this case from crap food. They don’t. So what use is government if it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do? A waste of space.

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  4. Haha, you’ve fisked the ‘sugar tax’ at last. Knew you wouldn’t let us down.

    I’ve got a couple of Jamie O’s cookbooks on my shelf. Don’t think I’ve ever used them. Sheeple friends of mine swear by his recipes, even once telling me, ‘We only do Jamie…’ when I traitorously mentioned that I liked Nigella. But his restaurants haven’t been doing well lately and I think he’s had to close most of them down. So this is his new money earner, is it? Was it his idea that he got involved or the government’s? And who will be running the fake charity that the sugar tax will fund? As usual, the timing’s all very suspicious…..


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  6. You know Leggy, there are forms of starch which are not broken down into sugars by the digestion; ‘resistant starch’ for one, a side effect of which is excess ‘gas’ or flatulence rich in methane.

    Will we see wannabe suicide bombers gorging on ready meals before entering a lift behind some bigwig, letting a big one go and striking a spark? Will anti-terrorism officers insist on a banning Mr Heinz’ famous baked beans? Or more ironically, a ban on Mr Oliver’s range of pre-prepared fodder? Now that would be ironic……

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