Little things

I work in pretty much any scale. Lately I have been engaged in big models.

trucksThese are most of the remaining 1/24th scale trucks. I sold some, especially trailers, to raise cash. Hillman’s Transfer is a real company in Nova Scotia. Just so you know it’s not a vanity thing.

The silver/blue Scania was my first ever attempt at this scale and it needs some repair. The flatbed trailer isn’t finished, it’s still in grey primer. Nightwing is a one-off made from a Daf cab unit and it and the Opel fire truck have both been converted to right hand drive. I might sell those.

Really though, my interest is in the tiny stuff. I didn’t think I could do it any more. I thought my eyes had gone. Recently though, I started on a 6m cm long N gauge bus and it’s coming along nicely. It’s in the background of the sparkly truck you’ll hear more of later.

truckBut I went further. I went back to when I was painting eyes on Dungeons and Dragons figurines and putting ear wax in 1/35th scale soldiers. I have an Austin van made of whitemetal for N gauge. It is just under 2 cm long. It currently looks like this – bloodI can’t get a good photo but W. M. Blood and Family Butcher are legible . Next I will glaze the windows. I have a trick that will do it. And yes, I did paint the door handles.

This model isn’t finished (are they ever?) but will go on eBay soon. I don’t intend to keep it, I have others to make.

I have new tiny model tricks to share that have come from our resident nail art genius. I’m in a new world of tiny models again.

Yet I must still sell off the N gauge trains. Getting those buggers back on the tracks drives me nuts.



27 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Eyesight! I was told at the opticians that i needed ten times more light to see than a six year old! i,m 65, and also they said the best time of the year was november for business because theres less light everybody thinks their eyesights getting worse!

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  2. So what’s the tractor unit on the eponymous Hillman’s rig then? Kenworth? Peterbilt? White?

    I have to say I rather prefer the older style of tractor unit, although I do understand that with them having the aerodynamics of a house brick their days were numbered. But so pretty…

    The ones I drove in Aus were the forward control (cab over) type due to the length restrictions. Not as pretty as the conventional cab, but still tasty.

    And still with the aerodynamics of a brick…

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  3. After having enlarged the picture, I noticed the book by Immanuel Velikovsky. I hadn’t heard of him before, but he sounds interesting, like he was challenging the accepted ‘scientific’ dogma of the day (I understand that he was attacked for daring to opt out of ‘groupthink’) and that the proliferation of quacks in science and medicine is not a recent phenomenon.

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      • Thanks. I have heard the Venus idea before. I used to read books by the likes of Richard Hoagland – not sure if it’s his belief too.

        Mr Velikovsky seemed to have the same problem as the ‘conventional’ scientists who disapproved of him so much, being that they look for ways to explain the universe, but ousting the Creator from His rightful place.

        On one hand everything came from nothing and life came from non-life and here we all are. Uniformitarian ideas form the basis of geology and life.

        Mr Velikovsky tries to incorporate religious ideas and makes planets become ‘gods’.

        The pity is that he gets quite close to understanding some things, but his notions divert him from reality.

        I noticed that many of his problems are easily explained by the global flood. Not just the features on the Earth, but the stories of the flood which people all round the world know about simply because they took it with them after the earth was divided after the Tower of Babel was destroyed and people were forced to populate the earth.

        He seems to believe in the Biblical (and other) catastrophic events, but totally rules out a supernatural cause, therefore, by defi9nition, he has to come up with such ideas as close encounters with planets.

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        • I’ve not watched it all yet, Stuart… working, shambling ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I’ll come back once I’ve had a chance to watch the rest. The bigger question is, how many times has Leggy read it? Looks a bit dog-earred ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      • It seems rather silly to try to explain the parting of the Red Sea by some great cosmic event, which just happened to occur right at the moment that the Israelites were fleeing the Egyptian Army, allowing Moses and company to escape to safety just before the Egyptians were swallowed up.

        As if the Almighty couldn’t have parted the Red Sea, or the Pacific Ocean for that matter, by Himself.

        Basically, if it wasn’t for some exciting interplanetary action going on, the nation of Israel might never have existed? Grumpy old Pharaoh might have had them all killed.

        The whole thing reminds me of Dave Lister playing pool with planets.

        But this sort of stuff sells books. Look at the aforementioned Hoagland and Erich von Dรคniken (still alive, aged 80; just checked – to get the Umlaut).

        I used to be fascinated by this stuff, but now I’m interested in the real reason for things, exciting as cities in Cydonia and alien airstrips in Nazca sound.

        One such researcher is Gary Bates, who has discovered that ‘aliens’ are probably an updated version of the same sort of angels and demons as have been recorded for millennia. He says you can’t just write off 4 or 5 million Americans who claim to have been abducted (not just Americans, BTW).

        He says that due to the way some UFOs have been observed on radar apparently contradicting the laws of physics, secular scientists are saying they are ‘supernatural’.

        I have two videos about it, but not the book:


          • That’s a cunning way to represent data. It makes it look like “Think and Grow Rich” has sold about half the number of copies as the Bible, whereas it has sold one copy for every 130 Bibles.

            “Think and Grow Rich”? I do little else but think and I’m as poor as a church mouse.

            It’s interesting that numbers 3 to 7 have spiritual leanings of some kind (outright witchcraft in Harry Potter). People are looking for answers for their existence I think.

            Others want soap opera escapism, like Gone With the Wind. I’ve only see the film, bit I thought it was just a Civil War soap – but with some gorgeous cinematography.

            Not sure why the Koran isn’t there or Mary Berry’s cookery books…


            • I’m no expert, Stewie, but I think Clicky was focusing on the one book that’s outsold the rest. You did bring up selling books ๐Ÿ˜‰

              I think a lot, too. And I haven’t gotten rich either. In fact is costing me fortune in fish…

              You carry me? You cheeky bugger!


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