Up before the sunrise

I have the early shift at Local Gadget Shop again. Only three days but one of those days also has late shift at Local Shop.

There might not be much action here for a few days. Early starts mean early sleep, and I do my best writing when everyone else is dreaming terrible dreams.

I also want to load more on eBay. I have a few American coaches up, and aside from the ones I am determined to keep there will be more N and even excess OO going on there soon. Plus a couple more 1/24 scale trucks. The unique ones. They take so much space.

Also the excess of general stuff I have accumulated – before this second floor flat becomes a ground floor one!

Therefore, if it goes quiet, don’t imagine I’ve died. I might feel like I have after three early days and one early plus late day, but I’ll be back.

Once I catch up on sleep…


6 thoughts on “Up before the sunrise

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