Sentient smoke

I don’t have a TV and don’t even own a radio. At work though, the radio in the stock room is always on. Mostly music, mostly stuff that is new to the young staff but which I have on 7 inch dusty vinyl. But then there is the news. And the ads.

Including, of course, the antismoking ads. Oh they haven’t stopped attacking us yet and probably never will. They have the vapers on their side too, apart from the ones who have woken up to the ‘next logical step’ trick that has been going on all along. They have already fired warning shots, guys. Didn’t you notice?

Anyway. The latest antismoker drivel has people saying they only smoke when the kids are at school or after they’ve gone to bed. Weak willed bastards with no minds of their own and who believe the crap foisted on them by a health service that is now anything but. Plonkers who will soon support a ban on smoking in the houses they paid so much to own, but which really belong to the NHS. As they might one day realise.

It is now established that second hand smoke has no smell and is not visible and hides in your house waiting for your children to breathe it. Really. It is sentient and evil. Experts have Said and fake science has made it up.

You believe this? You really believe it?

Oh IĀ  have such delightful terrors to put in your mind if you are that stupid.

You deserve them all.


22 thoughts on “Sentient smoke

  1. I have been reading ‘Nineteen Eighty-four” again and have watched one of the films.

    When O’Brien is torturing and interrogating Winston, he asks,

    “How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?”

    Winston replies, “By making him suffer.”

    “Exactly,” says O’Brien, “Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

    See page 336 for more:

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  2. Not only sentient, yes. Secondhand satanic smoke summons succubi and demons from the dark short back and sides to suck non-smokers babies brains out through their lungs. Mm. Indeed. Careful you must be.

    Why you think Darth Vader breathes so funny, hmm?

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      • Perhaps we should become a new “movement” as did the gay community some years ago – and OUR logo could also be
        OUT, LOUD AND PROUD!!!!!!!
        I’ve never snook round a corner for a cig and I dont give a shit who likes it and who doesnt. I detest the snivelling creeps who do it AND are ashamed. I always say, you can SEE my habit. Its out in the open and Im not harming anyone nor am I ashamed whatsover. Think of the people who do their habits behind closed doors / in their minds / on the internet. Predators, paedo’s people to dont give a shit about their kids etc. People with enough time to worry about other’s should leave me the fuck alone, and think about THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I’m sorry Leggy, but sentient smoke falls short of the gold standard of dumb; third hand smoke.

    How can you beat the concept that I might sit next to a smoker, then go home and give my kids cancer (overnight)?

    Sentient smoke is weak beer in comparison, I’m afraid.

    Now, sentient third hand smoke? That’s a winner. I sit next to a smoker more than 25m from the pub in a gale. The smoke sneaks upwind into my coat pockets. Then when I get home, it leaves the pockets and seeks innocent kidlets to infect with cancer. Theenk of the cheeeldrenn

    Coming soon to a radio and TV near you, soon

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        • Actually, they were very clever about it. Antismokers are sometimes HIGHLY skilled at lying while telling the truth.

          They phrased it so that they were talking about the “constituents” of the smoke, and if you read it carefully you’ll note that they only indicate that “some constituents” are worse.

          Now, when you smoke a cigarette you’re getting combusted nicotine particles from it. Some of those particles, micro, nano, pico, or femtograms fall down on and potentially lie around for days and weeks and months. If such a home has fifteen times the normal level of nitrous acid in the air, some of that nicotine will transform chemically into something called a “Tobacco Specific NitrosAmine” (a TSNA) called NNK. NNK is *much more carcinogenic than most of what you’ll see in smoke. Soooo… technically…. they could claim they’re telling you the “truth.”

          BUT… since (1) they don’t mention the extraterrestrial levels of nitrous acid, and (2) they don’t mention that the NNK is found only at the nano and picogram levels, they are, in effect and in reality, lying. It’s as if I said, “Don’t go outside! There are dangerous animals flying around out there that can kill you!” when, in reality, there are just a few butterflies. Sure, if one of them happened to fly into your eye just as you’re at the curb of a corner about to cross… it might startle you into stepping forward into the path of an oncoming bus! ZING! YOU’RE DEAD! And the butterfly killed you. So I could claim I was telling the truth when I said the air was filled with dangerous and deadly animals…. but really, all I’m doing is telling an Antismoker Lie.

          – MJM

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  4. As for vaping…

    Which would a better place to be (in the absence of a ban*) – a bar full of vapers or a bar full of smokers.

    *Bearing in mind that if there were no smoking bans vapers would be thin on the ground…

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  5. Did you see the German Chancellor in the 70s/80s died today, smoked to the end and continued in public places after the ban. No doubt it was ‘premature’ at 96 !!!

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  6. Leggy, are you sure you haven’t gone over to the dark side? I was looking around (unsuccessfully) for that commercial where the evil smoke crawls out of a vent or under a door, leaps into a teddy bear, and then waits for little blond Goldilocks to come pick it up for some fun!

    While I couldn’t find THAT one, I did find this cutie that looks to be straight out of one of H.K. Hillman’s mini classics:

    – MJM

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