This escalator only goes up

The terrible Paris attacks are all over the news. I don’t see any need for links, if you missed this one you don’t have TV or the internet and most likely live among the slowly whispering reeds on a sunny riverbank somewhere. You lucky bastard.

Predictably there are the ‘nothing to do with Islam’ stories and the ‘everything to do with Islam’ stories. Obviously it is to do with Islam. That is what the terrorists are using as their excuse. Whether Islam agrees or not is of no consequence unless Islam comes out as a whole and says ‘No, this is not our shit’. They haven’t… yet.

I can’t do anything about it, and neither can anyone outside Islam. It is an internal matter that Muslims have to solve. Otherwise every Muslim will get the blame and this will escalate until most of the Middle East is radioactive glass and we have a new Holocaust that will put the last one in the shade.

It’s already begun. A woman in a hijab was attacked (verbally, not actually physically as far as I know) by a man shouting ‘Why can’t I see your face?’

Yeah, what a big man. Attacking a woman. I notice he didn’t have a go at the bearded gang in white robes. No, the woman in a veil is so much easier. He should be arrested for being a weak little shitebag in a public place.

I don’t care if a woman wants to wear a veil. Even men. I know some men who should, in the interests of public digestion. Wear what the hell you want. Okay, it might get you barred from the bank and the post office because they have a poor record where people in masks are concerned. It also should not be worn in photos on identity documents such as a driving licence or passport. In the street though, wear what you like.

Visit the north of Scotland in January and you’ll see people with a hat pulled down to their eyebrows and a scarf over their nose and mouth. They aren’t Muslim. They’re just very, very cold. The difference? At a basic level, there is no difference. You can’t see their faces either. I suppose if there is a difference it’s that those people have no problem showing their faces in the bank or the post office and would not even consider sending a photo to the passport office in their winter garb. Yet in the street, no difference.

Really, if a madman in Paris blows himself up at a rock concert and you have a good shout at a woman in a Manchester Asda, how does that help? When deranged Arabs shoot people in French cafes and New Yorkers refuse to take a cab with a Muslim driver, is that actually solving anything?

It’s alienating the non-radicals. This is what the radicals want. Push moderates over to radicalism. When you won’t go to Abdul’s corner shop in Newcastle because a gabbling maniac cut the head off an American in Syria, you are the one connecting Abdul to the crime. He had no more to do with it than you did. You’re the one pushing him into a place where he has no choice.

Yet, it’s Islam’s problem and Islam must deal with it. All we non-Islam people see is the outside. We neither know nor, to be honest, care very much about your religion. It’s yours, not ours. When we see a guy in a Semtex waistcoat shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and blowing himself into something resembling the innards of a haggis, we see Islam.

Is that what you want us to see? Really?

It’s your problem, Islam. The West has a solution, the first part of which is currently bombing Syria with garlic breath pilots and finely fried frogs legs in the in-flight catering. This can only escalate and the West has bombs that will give you two suns in your final sunset.

There is worse to come. I know much of Islam denies the Holocaust, but it was real. It was something Westerners did more than once. The last time was very big and very nasty and they’ve been getting bigger and nastier over time. I know we call the Islamic terrorists brutal but really, looking at our history, we should be calling them amateurs.

We in the West are good at finding final solutions to real and even imagined problems. We’ve been at it for a very long time and we can be merciless and shockingly inhuman in their application. Look at our history. The bleeding hearts will tell you we’re not like that any more but we haven’t really changed.

Please, please, Islam. Don’t find that out the hard way.


31 thoughts on “This escalator only goes up

  1. It hardly registered with me for the first day. Whether this was a coping mechanism or just plain shock, I have no idea. And then this morning I read of the attacks in retaliation and felt a momentary feeling of elation. But that’s not right either.
    Fortunately, I don’t have to decide, and being some 200 miles from Paris, in the middle of nowhere, I doubt that it will affect me personally.
    If we had a Muslim Corner Shop I would go out of my way to visit it to purchase something, but we haven’t. And the only person near like is an Israeli Christian who has lived in France for longer than I have. So there is nothing I can do for the moment.

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  2. The thing the Islamic lot need to think about is the history of Britain, and indeed most of Europe. They call us crusaders; this is true, our ancestors were quite prepared to launch long-range high intensity wars of empire for no more reason than religious fiat. Britain once went to war to keep a drugs trade going. The British were the inventors of the concentration camp, as a way of helping end the Boer War (round up all the civilians in an area, stick them in a camp, everyone not in a camp is therefore an enemy and may be shot on sight).

    Europeans are peaceful at the moment, but this is a very, very unusual period in European history. Most of the time we’ve been at each others’ throats; most of Europe can be considered to be a very long-running inter-familial feud.

    There’s only one way such feuds get stopped, or put on hold (and then only temporarily): when an exterior force tries to intervene. Intervening in an old family feud is not allowed; the families put aside their differences to eliminate the interloper. Worse still than this, some of the extended European family are also stepping in and adding their tuppence worth to the fight.

    Annoying Russians is a mug’s game. The Russians defeated Napoleon. They mostly defeated Hitler, and chased his forces back to Germany, harrying them all the way. A bunch of jumped-up desert loonies aren’t a fit opponent for Russia at all; they’re mostly just an extended advert for the Russian arms industries, and an extended warning not to poke the Russian bear at all, ever.

    And then we have the Americans. Lovely folk, but they know strange and really scary things. A good many years ago, their military designed a spacecraft designed to be propelled by letting off nuclear bombs behind it; Project Orion it was called. They almost completed the project, and along the way they solved the problem of how to mass produce atomic bombs (apparently there’s a really tricky part of the production, which they made non-tricky). If anyone can bomb the daesh to radioactive glass, it is the Americans.

    So there we have it: loonies who by doctrine are obliged to annoy everyone on one side, and the most militaristic, vicious and downright nasty nations on the planet on the other side. Anyone fancy running book n how long the daesh last?

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  3. “……Whether Islam agrees or not is of no consequence unless Islam comes out as a whole and says ‘No, this is not our shit’. They haven’t… yet……”

    How would they do it? How would we know? How would the judeo-christians – The West – ‘come out as a whole’ to declaim something? Do y’all have a spokesperson? Even the pope is ignored by most of his flock.

    “,,,,,,Visit the north of Scotland in January and you’ll see people with a hat pulled down to their eyebrows and a scarf over their nose and mouth. They aren’t Muslim. They’re just very, very cold……”

    Two things, the Neds sport facial coverings for the simple purpose of hiding their abundant glassing scars and to ‘muffle’ that heinous Billy Connolly brogue. Secondly, it is not ‘very, very cold’ by Canadian standards. As I pixellate this drivel, it is 07:15 and -7C! In January, it will be -35C at this time in the morning. That, my friend is cold – uncivilized cold. I am from Myanmar – born and bred – and because I was evil in a previous life I am now being punished by having to live in the vile frozen wastelands of Soviet Canuckistan.

    Frogs legs?
    I had them in the Novotel Siam Square Bangkok Hotel once. Never in France. They’re quite tasty.

    “……and this will escalate until most of the Middle East is radioactive glass and we have a new Holocaust that will put the last one in the shade……..”

    The old ‘glass-bottomed and self-lighting parking lot’ gambit. It would sure solve the current problem(s) in the territories formerly known as the ‘British Mandate for Palestine’.

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  4. I cannot agree with a laisser faire attitude.
    If we consider this somebody else’s problem it will neither go away nor be resolved. Then in approx 30 years due to relative birthrates, the UK will have a Muslim majority, Sharia law and, more importantly, no pork or bacon.
    There must be a hidden agenda behind the irrational willingness of our “leaders” to acquiesce to a foreign culture and a religion incompatible with Western values.

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    • It won’t be resolved by bombing them. Our side don’t want to win, they want to keep the arms industry going. Which sells guns to both sides.

      The only way it will stop is if one side stops killing the other side, and out our side won’t do that because our side is making a fat profit from it all.


  5. “It’s alienating the non-radicals. This is what the radicals want. Push moderates over to radicalism.” Exactly. I was making this point in slightly different words on another board yesterday. The ones carrying out these sorts of attacks are, by and large, just crazy people. They’ve tagged their craziness unto a particular religion, but it has very little to do with the religion and the great bulk of its followers…. BUT… if the radicals succeed in convincing enough people to randomly attack and discriminate against EVERYONE who happens to be Muslim, they’ll have succeeded in vastly increasing the numbers of Muslims who become crazy radicals instead of remaining ordinary people who happen to like Allah.

    – MJM

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  6. There is a word hated by the radical islamists which is gaining currency in the mainstream; Da’esh, daesh, da’ish or similar. Pronounced “Die-esh,”

    Apparently the islamists hate being called this name to the point that they threaten to cut tongues out.

    Which is why I will be using it from now on……


  7. I can’t read your responses to my ‘I am a girl’ comment – these responses are a thin vertical line of letters on my CRT, and I have trouble enough reading the Queen’s when presented horizontally as it is.
    By ‘pissing contest’ I assumed you to be referring to ‘Male versus Male who’s the Alpha contest’ not an actual contest involving the voiding of one’s bladder. If that were the case AND I was a male, the pheromones spritzing from my gonads would settle the contest before it even started.

    I would predict a woman would win a ‘pissing contest’ – for distance especially. Following the principles of fluid dynamics in conduits, the friction would necessarily reduce the muzzle velocity of this Newtonian fluid and hence the distance achieved. For instance, Caucasoid Frat Boys in the Great Satan are able to projectile vomit better than, say, a giraffe – same principle.


  8. I also got that vertical line for Cyn’s answer… LOL! It was fun to try to read it!

    Meanwhile m’lady, I’ll tell you how to win that pissing contest with the guys. Walk into a big hairy biker bar, loudly order a double shot of rot whisky and slam it down. Then, while you have their attention turn around to the bikers and lay out the challenge: “I’ll bet ten pounds I can piss higher on a wall than anyone o’ you pantywaist bikers in here!” and give ’em all a quick eye before ordering another, slamming THAT one down and, turning around, repeat your challenge even more loudly….. and keep staring… preferably focused on the biggest meanest biker in the bar.

    Of course he, (or if not, then one of his henchmen or perhaps several of them) will then say yes, and you can all march out to the alleyway. If the guys start to unzip, say, “Hey! Ladies FIRST y’know!”

    Then hike up your leg, lean back and get a good up up there three feet or so above the ground.

    Now… point to the big meanie and say, “OK! You’re next! Try and beat THAT!”

    (Meanwhile of course they’re all laughing themselves silly cuz they KNOW they’re gonna beatcha!)

    Meanie steps up, unzips, pulls it out, points it up…..

    At which point you say, “Hey! No hands allowed!”

    You’ll win.


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