What the antismokers created

It seems it is now okay to treat overweight people the same way as smokers. With open, public hate and contempt. Is that a good thing? I’m sure the overweight antismokers think it is. It’s their game, after all. They invented it so they must surely enjoy playing it.

The woman pictured is not obese. Not even fat. She is curvy and woman shaped and healthy and really quite attractive. Yet she was handed a fat-hater card, presumably by a man who had his skin stretched over like a shrink wrapped skeleton. One who thinks supermodels are attractive because he doesn’t have enough in his arms to worry that he might snap a zero-size model by hugging her.

I have seen women so thin I wonder how they manage to lift their arms. Feebleness is not an attractive trait in my book. How would such a human wraith be of help when I’m tangled in a fallen ladder or trapped under an unwisely lifted rhubarb root? Women need a bit of meat on their bones too and while I’m not attracted by the steroidal bodybuilder type, I do like to see curves and independence combined.

Now, though, it is acceptable for people with no lives to try to control the lives of others for any reason. Okay, I can see how you’d build an antismoker militia out of idiots who think diesel fumes are better than the smoke from half a gram of burning leaf, but chubbiness? How does that affect anyone at all?

As for cost to the NHS, if you think smokers, drinkers and chubbies are using all the money that you paid in, might I suggest you start a movement where the aim is for you to stop paying for us all? Do any of you control freak drones have the balls to do it? Demand your NI back? No, you stupid bastards will keep paying because you think it all goes to poor orphans and your ancient and abused relatives in the nursing home.

It doesn’t. Nor does it pay for food or hospital stays. It’s just another income tax.  If I could opt out I could get private healthcare cheaper. So could you. We would all be better off without the millstone of the NHS as a little research would show.

So don’t moan at the smokers or the drinkers or the overweight. With the amount of money the NHS gets they could treat any illnesses related to those things, which is now every illness imaginable and more, and have money to spare for admin carpets and private parking spaces. Instead they waste it on lifestyle Nazism and government lobbying.

Don’t moan at us. We aren’t the ones forcing you to pay for the NHS you think you’ll never use.

Refuse to pay. Grow a pair and refuse to pay. You don’t want to pay for an NHS that treats sick people who aren’t you? Go on then. Refuse to pay. I dare you.

I’m not fat but I am a smoker and a drinker. You think I cost you money. Refuse to pay. But don’t direct your cost-anger at me for the money you’re paying into this behemoth.

I’m not the one forcing you to.


23 thoughts on “What the antismokers created

  1. I cannot see the picture. The website is banned in this country.
    But I get your drift.
    When I take travel insurance, I choose a high excess. I am fit and careful.
    There is no such choice with the NHS. Because they think I have a high salary, I pay more. The only way to pay less is to earn less.
    Mrs 20 has a better degree than I and is a qualified nurse paid for by your NHS. Now she works in the Middle East.Many of her contemporaries went to Australia.
    Reasons being shit pay always undermined by importing third world staff and hostile patients.

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  2. I agree with your point totally Leggy, but what I find MORE disturbing is the Gestapos response; ” ‘All of our customers have the right to travel with confidence, and this sad and unpleasant form of anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

    ‘If anyone is ever made to feel uncomfortable while travelling they should immediately report it to station staff or a police officer.’ XX

    Tell me what offence they are comitting.

    This is PURE school playground shite and shoud be no business of the police.

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  3. If I’m reading this correctly antismokers created fat shaming. if so, antismokers are part of the patriarchy that is used to marginalize and victimize. Antismokers are anti-feminist! LGBTQIA+ groups are further marginalized by antismokers. Arn’t antismokers an intolerant hate group SJWs should be railing against? Why are SJWs supporting the patriarchy?


  4. If we believe the zealots, the obese, the smokers, the drinkers, etc will all have shorter lives after costing the NHS a fortune.
    I suggest that they cost the state less than many elderly people who keep themselves reasonably fit. If someone dies at at a younger age, there is a saving in pension costs, a saving of on-going NHS costs (flu jabs, annual check ups, regular blood tests, etc) is if one is fit. If one is fit, but becomes senile or disabled in some manner, the cost of carers becomes astronomical. And judging by friends who have died recently, all deaths have been preceded by a length period in hospital.
    Allowing people to get fat, etc, would result in huge savings to the state, any treatment they receive would be no more that most of us would receive at some time in our life.


    • That would be true if we were people. But we aren’t. We are economic units, here to produce and consume and generate profit. We must produce and consume and not cost our masters money to look after us.

      That’s really all they see us as. Economic units. They really don’t give a flying fuck about our health, they just don’t want to pay to fix us because that eats into their profits.


  5. It’s either some imbecile (the kind that would burn a £50 note in front of a homeless person for a ‘laugh’) or it’s more sinister.

    We know what the social engineers’ endgame is: fewer people and those people to be lean, fit, vegetarian, compliant drones, i.e. a ‘master race’.

    There are hate-filled cretins out there for sure; I have spent the past couple of days on a Facebook page after becoming embroiled with a heinous bunch of feminists (and their wimpy male apologists).

    No amount of mockery or rudeness is considered too much, as they *know* that they are right and anyone who disagrees is a misogynistic, homophobic, bigoted, blah, blah, in my case, someone who believes in ‘sky pixies’ (always with the ‘sky pixies’ = their Pavlovian conditioning).

    The apparent objections on these cards to ‘fat’ people are that they eat too much (so are bad for the environment) and that they are a strain on the NHS, both classic modern reasons for hating anyone and controlling them.

    The fact that it was someone smart seen giving out these cards and not a dreadlocked tree-hugger and that the story has already reached the world’s media makes it feel all the more contrived.

    We know that government agents work in newspaper offices and that the EU has a budget of a few million for employing people to comment on social media, so could this be their latest tactic to spread fear and hatred?

    The NHS scam is a very useful tool for controlling people’s behaviour. Is it a coincidence that the pictured lady works for the NHS? Although, I suspect that if she’d been a plant then she’d have been ‘devastated’ and ‘left in tears’ which she wasn’t.

    For some reason, at the foot of the Mail’s article, we find a link to these crackpots’ website, bizarrely a Madagascar domain name.

    “Read more:

    Overweight Haters Ltd

    Why would they want to promote these people further?

    Their comments on ‘Voat’ are nearly all hate-filled. Hardly surprising, as I have just read someone ask “So could someone please explain to me why you hate fat/overweight people.”

    The reply was a tirade of abuse, ending in, “Banned, you disgusting pig with sweaty rolls.”

    The moderators all have a pseudonym with ‘Hitler’ in the name.

    Either this is a government op or it shows the real hatred out there brought on by brainwashing to worship the environment and love ‘our NHS’.

    As Jay says, “the more PC society becomes, the more intolerant,” which is why I intend to ignore Facebook posts from now on, because I think we’ve reached the stage where a large minority has been separated from society, dumbed down and dehumanised to such an extent that their primary emotion is hatred.

    Maybe they hate themselves more than anyone, hence their obsession with how others look or act and yearn for a Hitler character to make things ‘nice’ for ‘normal’ people like them who are BMI-compliant and eat bean curd.


  6. Well, the link is viewable in The Canadas and I can’t get over the fact that you folks in Engerland still have ‘smartly-dressed hipsters’. Oh you poor bastards.

    We’ve had this discussion before, drink-sodden smokey fat fucks cost the Health Care System less than the healthy feckers who take 10 years to die of dementia. AND the taxes they pay on Fast Food, smokes and booze more than pay for their care and even subsidize the care of the healthy folks.
    I am not fat, but ‘curvy’ in my own Asian way. I would be huge if it were not for my myriad food allergies. As it is, I subsist on bird seed and fairy dust. Oh, and a few liters of Buck’s Fizz every day.


  7. I eavesdropped on the regaling of some funny stories in the kitchen at work this morning, I needed coffee, so squeezed through the loiterers in the doorway to get to the kettle. Our HR To Bod had been invited to the Personnel Today Awards the evening before. We weren’t up for any gongs; just helping to fill a table. Apparently, Claudia Winkleman is delightful and the comic had them in stitches. A great awards bash. Here’s some pix:


    First up was a recounting of bad behaviour by a HR Director from…

    Oh Clicky, naughty…

    A woman ranting to anyone and everyone, about how all the winners were “ugly, fat women”. Quite obnoxious, by all accounts, and much fun was had by the table host at her expense, as she got drunker and angrier. I can’t go into the gory detail; don’t know who’s reading 😉

    “Was she thin?” I asked, switching on the kettle.

    “Yes. And very pretty” HR Top Bod mused as I heaped coffee and sugar into a company mug.

    Now, having had time to look at the photos, there are a number of chunky winners in there. I wouldn’t call any of them ugly though.

    Next came the story of the comic. A German fellow who has guested on a tv panel shows. The others recognised him from the description, although I had no idea because I’ve given up watching the box*. After tickling the audience to climax, the comic requested they join him in singing a traditional German song with him. Everyone joined in; it was rowdy and lusting. They were loving it…

    *finger to lips*… *nods*… *sigh*

    “Was it Tomorrow Belongs to Me?” I smiled sweetly, turning to get the milk out of the fridge.

    “Yes!”, HR Top Bod exclaimed, pointing a finger in my direction. “I couldn’t remember the name, thank you.” Everyone else looked on blankly. “The Hitler Youth song.” HR Top Bod explained authoritatively. “Everyone stopped when he told us. It was uncomfortable. Still, makes you think.”

    *click* Water boiled, I made my coffee and left the remaining discussion on how fantastic Claudia is on ‘Strictly’. I already know how good a presenter she is.

    Anyway, here’s the comic German, Henning Wehn, in action…

    Clicky, would you do the honours?


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