The finger and nails

December is here and I am the smug bugger who have bought all my Christmas gifts except for Leggy’s which I have to buy when I go over there in two weeks time. So I am relaxing and being cheerful. I was exceptionally happy when my dad finally got time to come by and fix my washer. Apparently the plug in system that the landlord had put in wasn’t waterproof and was right next to the shower so it had gotten wet and therefor when even I’d try to wash it would cut off all power. Of course I appreciate not getting electrocuted in the shower but damn it was a month of annoyance of trying not to run out of clean clothes and trying to match up calendars.

I did survive two storms and a vote. The first storm was rather wild. We lost power for about 5 minutes and internet for about 15. Of course this happened right in the good part of a Doctor Who episode on Netflix. The second storm was a bit of a let down. Just a bit of wind and some slight rain.
Now Denmark had an election on EU matters. We had to decide on some things about Europol, sharing of evidence, fingerprints and such with other EU countries, some matters about trading, family rights across EU countries and one of the other things was giving the Danish politicians the power to chance Denmark’s stand on these rules without a vote first. Denmark voted no with 54% and the front page of the newspaper the next day read “Massive no from Danes. LΓΈkke (the Danish PM) got the fuck finger”


I have been participating in a nail art challenge this month. You have to do a new manicure each day after certain prompts so I decided to clear up the clutter from my desk and make myself a permanent nail spot instead of moving around with the most needed things in a box.
I’ve been having a lot of fun with the challenge so far. I’ve done the first 6 days as of now. It has been challenging trying to come up with new ideas fitting the theme each day but also a lot of fun getting to be creative and trying out new techniques. So I hope you like my designs so far.
I am on Instagram under the same name if anyone is interested and is on there.


26 thoughts on “The finger and nails

  1. Cynarae, I don’t think I could pass the nail challenge. I *might* be able to swing ONE day’s worth if the challenge was “Scrub the black stuff off from under the ends.” (Although I’d miss the decorative trim it provides…)


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  2. Aye. The E.U has a history of “voting” in Denmark, and Sweden.

    As do the BBC of reporting it.

    I believe it was the join or not join vote. 57% or around that voted “No.” The BBC? ”

    “No vote scrapes through on very thin majority.”

    So, sure enough, the E.U dictatorship made them vote again, which came out at about 54 or 55%. The BBC?

    “Yes vote wins by substantial majority!”

    I complained about bias, and actualy got an affirmative result from the complaints department saying it would be corrected!

    Took two bloody years, so a bit of a hollow victory. Every one had forgotten about it by then.

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  3. I’m afraid my reaction to a nail challenge would start with the decision whether to go for round wire, oval or flat cut nails, followed by the appropriate choice of hammer.

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