Nazi Zombies

It’s a popular theme for films lately. I have quite a collection of Nazi zombie films now. ‘Dead Snow’ is a good one but I still argue that they were revenants, not zombies. It’s a trivial detail, they were dead Nazis anyway and it had some really funny moments.

‘Nazi Zombie Death Tales’ had me convulsed with laughter. ‘Manborg’ had a wonderful side story about a decaying zombie kommandant who fancied a woman prisoner and couldn’t understand why she didn’t return his affections. Genius. I’ve just added ‘Devils of War’ to my collection of Nazi zombie films. Haven’t watched it yet. It looks like it’ll get a laugh too.

It’s a modern theme because of the way people think of Nazis and socialists in general. They are the Borg. The Daleks. The Cybermen. Identical and utterly intolerant of anyone different. You don’t conform, you must be assimilated, exterminated, deleted. Any option will do for them.

Socialists are also the creators of the real life Nazi Zombies, their mindless attack dogs who knee-jerk react to anyone who supports the things they have been conditioned to hate.

So far Socialists have been fine with the tactics of their attack dogs as long as they are aimed at anyone they consider ‘right wing’. By now, everyone (except the socialists) knows that the whole right/left thing was invented by communist Russia to distance themselves from Hitler’s national socialist party and so the right/left thing was only ever applicable to different branches of socialism/communism and never made any sense outside that.

Ah, right and left. In Latin, dexter and sinister. How appropriate. Appropriate in religion too. Followers of the left hand path are those most likely to create zombies.

Oh, they have. They found all those people who like to hate for the sake of hating and they put them into little hate clubs and gave them things to hate. Nasty, spiteful people all collected together in one place. They set their hate zombies on anyone who didn’t agree with them and they were fine while that was happening.

Then there was the vote on war with ISIS in Syria.

I’m against it, for the record. I think we should pull out entirely and take all the non Muslims out too.Then seal their border and let them have their sandy little mediaeval Hell all to themselves. Any further incursions into the real world and we nuke the fuckers. Harsh, maybe, but I think it would work.

Sympathisers, drop them over the fence with a rucksack and a bottle of water and let them find their way to be with their vicious pals. Foreign policy, Underdog style. It’s simple but effective.

And yet I would never go on Twitter and attack the politicians who voted for a war. I think they are short sighted idiots but I feel no need to tell them that to their faces. Either of their faces, because all politicians have at least two.

That’s what their attack dogs did. They went on Twitter and Farcebok and other social media and posted death threats. They posted the home addresses of Labour politicians who voted for another pointless war. They claimed the war would target the cheeeldren because that’s the thing the zombies always like to hide behind. It’s always about the cheeeldren. Never mind the adults with guns and beheading knives, no, it’s all about the cheeeldren. Even though they’ll grow up to have guns and beheading knives, they must be saved because they are currently cheeeldren. I say, nuke them too.

Labour are not happy. They don’t like to feel the teeth of their own attack dogs on their own arses. But they created these people. They gave them hate and spite and clubs to be hateful and spiteful in. They trained these attack dogs. These followers of the left hand path made the zombies real and now Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has turned on its creator.

Now Labour are trying to quell their own monsters while in denial about where the monsters originated. It’s not going to work. The monsters thrive on their hate and spite and directing more of it at them just makes the monster stronger. The zombies don’t care if they are hated. They hate everyone else more. Any attack on them, in their minds, justifies their position. It’s how they were trained to think. Socialism created a self sustaining zombie horde and it’s now turned on its masters.

Labour are complaining that this is a terrible thing.

Personally, I’m finding it all really quite amusing. It’s just another funny Nazi zombie story.



29 thoughts on “Nazi Zombies

  1. Well, there were no Nazis in it, but “Abraham Lincoln vs. The Zombies” is always worth a mention, and that wonderful new addition to the genre, “Zombeavers!” is a can’t miss movie! (Actually, while it has some spoilers in it, the musical trailer is a stand-alone highlight no one should miss: (Note the 18+ designation if you’re bouncing your grandchild on your lap…) (And be sure to turn the sound up… it’s a work of beauty!)


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  2. Whilst I agree with you on nearly everything you write here, Leggy (save the use of nuclear weapons and the zombie films – never seen them; will take your word), any politician that danced to the Cameroid’s tune and voted for us to get involved in yet another pointless war needs to be told what utter pillocks they are.

    The one and only good thing former Chief Leftard, The Ed Miller Band, did was stop the bombing in Syria the last time the PM tried this malarkey..

    I know *violent shudder*… Clicky, help me…


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