A late night ramble

I should be asleep. I have to get to the post office in the morning in case a parcel from my mother is lurking there. The way she packs things they probably think it’s body parts. If they saw my current attic they’d be sure it’s body parts. I hope it isn’t.

I am also disgracefully sober because I have to drive to work now and Scottish drinking laws mean you have to be really careful. Especially at this time of year when the chances of a spot check are so much higher. I can only really get the whisky going properly on a night before a day off.

Anyway, I have one last blast on eBay before Christmas. A few railway things ending Sunday, nothing spectacular but should be good enough to fund a little extra Christmas cheer. Some might be amused by the description on this thing.

Christmas cards, well, this year they are going to vary between late and nonexistent. I really can’t get my head around Christmas this year, what with all that’s been happening. It’s going to be a quiet one but I’m sure it will be a really good one.

I have a Christmas tree because my son brought one with all the trimmings. He is determined to drag me into this festive season.

Already I have been forbidden to decorate it with skulls, dead pixies or Zombie Santa but it does have a five pointed star. That will have to do. The rest of the tree decoration I will leave to CynaraeStMary, but that five pointed star is mine. I suppose I’ll have to take down some of the Halloween decorations soon. It’s just one thing after another, isn’t it?

Work is reasonably stable. I should be (fingers crossed) off work for a few days at the beginning of the week. Fingers are crossed because I was supposed to be off last Monday and Tuesday but was working Tuesday after all.

The evenings now sometimes extend to 10 pm for no good reason because there are no customers taking advantage of the extra hour of opening time. I would say this Christmas has been far less hectic than the last couple of years. Maybe everyone is getting fed up with the commerciality of it now. We have been getting ‘Christmas’ thrown at us by the big supermarkets since September, so yes, I can imagine most people just want it to be over.

At work, Boss has hurt her back and Speedy (the new cleaning woman) has hurt her shoulder. I have had a good time speculating on whether they had the straps too tight or the harness on the wrong way round or skipped a page in the manual or mistimed that jump from the wardrobe. I have also scoffed heartily about being much older than either of them and being the only one still fully fit.

Then I twisted my ankle. That took the impetus out of the scoffing somewhat. I have not told Boss because she has enough to worry about and it’s getting slowly better anyway. I am also trying to make sure Nads doesn’t find out because she’ll probably try to kick it better.

Well I suppose it’s sleep time. It’s still true that you can’t get to sleep on a night where you really have to get up next morning. No need to surface until the crack of noon? Out like a light. Have to be up early? Staring at the ceiling.

Tomorrow I do battle with the post office for a parcel they couldn’t be arsed carrying a couple of hundred yards along the road. Maybe it’s too heavy. I hope my mother hasn’t sent me the lead from a church roof this time. I have to get it up a lot of stairs…


20 thoughts on “A late night ramble

  1. “Already I have been forbidden to decorate it with skulls, dead pixies or Zombie Santa but it does have a five pointed star. That will have to do. The rest of the tree decoration I will leave to CynaraeStMary, but that five pointed star is mine. I suppose I’ll have to take down some of the Halloween decorations soon. It’s just one thing after another, isn’t it?”

    And that’s why we love readin’ ya Leggy! LOL! Remember my little dolly-girl being eaten alive by a bowl of Cornflakes in TNacht? Heh, I was thinking of you when I took that photo!


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  2. So sorry to hear about your ankle, Legs. Still, you’re a toughie having survived rhubarb, ladder, kitchen floor and over door attacks. And no doubt there’s many more, you haven’t told us about… yet 😉

    Hear, have a Song… Clicky, hit it!

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  3. I can never go to sleep when I have to get up in the morning. But I am awake at o’crack sparrow fart when I don’t have to be. I sometimes have to force myself to go back to sleep. There is no help for me. I only ever wanted to wake up when I felt like it, which is generally around midday. Now that is a civilised hour. The best hour for anything.

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  4. I find myself caught between two stools where sleep patterns are concerned. I tend to be a bit of a night owl, rarely in bed before 1.30 – 2 am, but I’m also an early riser, up before 7 am. As a result, I find myself nodding off in front of the computer in the early evening sometimes. If I go to bed earlier, I can’t sleep, so there’s no point. But I tend to wake up at about 6.30 regardless of what time I go to bed. I must be getting old…

    As far as Xmas decs are concerned, I stopped all that malarkey when the kids flew the nest. The only concession I make is some multicoloured flashing lights strung round the main beam of the balcony. And I wouldn’t even do that if my wife didn’t insist – and she’s a Buddhist, with no tradition of Xmas at all. Songhkran (in April) is the big festival for her. Bah! Humbug! Maybe that’s why my daughters call me a grumpy old bastard. But I’m sure they love me really……

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  5. At the moment I could sleep for Scotland at the olympics without drugs. Christmas decorations stretch to a set of lights around the four wee windows on the front door. Bah humbug is a calling and Mrs TT and I have answered. Ba humbug I say.

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    • Oh, do come on. Christmas doesn’t go on for ever. Give it one day at least.

      PS. I don’t know why I said that. It’s only The Winter Solstice for me after all. And we all know what that was about. Keep the natives holed up in this cave from killing each other from sheer boredom. “Peel some bloody Carrots, will ya. And you can get off your butt and drag that Buffalo out of the Bear Pit. It’s probably going a bit rancid by now. It’s been dead and half frozen for weeks. [Cue Health and Safety].
      And you rotten little horror stories can eff off out and cut some of that stuff with red berries on it. And I don’t care what your Mother says about it being a bit chilly. Borra one of my Bear Skins. I am your Father. Probably. Unless it was one of they wankers who sit around while I carry the weight of organising this bunch of useless dickheads. I need to smoke that green stuff because it keeps me half sane. And No, you can’t have any of it.
      And while you are out there, top up this Hog’s head from that Pig’s Bladder.
      We are going to have a party. So Happy Hogmany, okay.”

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