O Christmas Tree


Hi there πŸ™‚

I know I am not going to be allowed to leave it like that. A bare tree with Death waving from the top is not going to get past even the most lenient of the censors in my life. But for tonight, in this one glorious moment, this is what my Christmas tree really looks like.

There are those who would say this a is a sign of depression, an indication that all is not right in my head but I find it hilarious. Oh I know I can’t keep it but that just makes it all the funnier. If my son sees it he’ll go ballistic. He and his wife bought me the tree and all the baubles and tinsel to go with it. I’ll put them on, honestly, I just had to have this moment of dark hilarity first.

Oh come on. It’s funny. Every time I scroll back to the top of the post I burst out laughing.

It’s been a busy day. I have seven small packages to post tomorrow, small things I sold on eBay for surprisingly large amounts of money. There has been much tidying and reorganising and getting the place into a state where you can actually move around and sit on the sofa without having to move a box of junk first. It’s about done. I’m ready to be visited. Just don’t look behind the sofa.

Right. Time for sleep. Another busy day tomorrow, starting with being enraged at the old ladies in the post office who want one stamp and a ten minute gossip. They should really get their own queue. I expect I’ll be in there a while but if I am in there an hour, I’ll make far more money in that hour than I ever would in a day at work.

It’s something that does give me pause for thought, you know…


26 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

    • Anytime there are lines, there are folks that will stand in line for you for a nominal price.
      Don’t know if they make a living at it; but, it is a profitable hobby.

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    • That sounds like my grandfather who, when tasked with making a rag rug during the World War II, managed to incorporate a very old Buddhist fertility symbol in it (and we all know which one).

      My grandmother was distinctly Not Amused.

      Apparently it was amazing how fast that rug got dismantled…


  1. Re: The Post Office

    One of these days I shall answer the ‘for security reasons I need you to tell me what’s in the packet’ question in such a way as to give the Old Biddies in the queue behind me palpitations.

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  2. Merry Christmas LI & Cynarae StMary!
    I applaud your Christmas tree fairy, probably more relevant to this time of year than the usual one. As a mental health nurse I see it as a validation of life & very funny. Be careful the scythe does remove any baubles!


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