Matching thumb burns

Christmas is over and work resumes tomorrow for one four-hour shift. Then I have another two days off. Looks like it could be a good year after all, apart from the rain that curtailed any kind of outside activities today.

CynaraeStMary made a Danish Christmas dinner of duck stuffed with minced cow and pig mixed with thyme, nuts and mushroom. This was accompanied with red cabbage, boiled potatoes, caramelised potatoes and gravy. It was quite a feast, so we had to wait a while before the pudding.

Caramelised potatoes were new to me – well, not entirely, I had them while in Denmark – but being involved in their cooking was new. Basically you take healthy boiled potatoes and heat them in melted sugar and butter. The Scots would love this.

One downside is that the hot caramel mix can spit. It did this in spectacular style at one point and caught us both at once. We now sport matching thumb plasters, me on my right thumb and and CStM on her left.


The dressing on my thumb looks newer because I was less prompt at doing something about it. If CStM hadn’t been here I might not have done anything about it. She’s forcing me to be less cavalier about damage, which I suppose is probably a good thing.

It seems my propensity for accidental self harm is contagious. The toffee laceration was a solo effort though.

It is important to get the remaining caramel out of the frying pan before it sets. It can be murderously difficult to get it out afterwards. So we poured it into a plastic container in the sink.

Naturally it melted the base of the container and spread across the sink. No problem, I thought, let it set and chip it out. This involved prising it with a sharp knife once it had turned into a slab of toffee. I did not cut myself with the knife, but failed to realise that broken toffee can be even sharper than the knife. So I have an additional laceration on my middle finger on the same hand. Nothing serious, it’ll soon grow back.

None of these will stop me enjoying the White Grouse, Black Grouse and Penderyn painkillers now in my medicine cabinet, nor the new coffee machine courtesy of CStM and family that can make an espresso in seconds. There is more, but I won’t bore you with the full list now.

So Christmas is done for another year. It’ll soon be time for the shops to restock for next year.

Merry Aftermath to one and all, and I hope you all came through with no more than minor damage, as we did.

Oh, and if you get toffee in the sink, don’t bother with the prising. Just fill the sink with boiling water and wait a while. See, CStM has brought something new into my life, something that was barely in evidence in the past.

Common sense 😉




16 thoughts on “Matching thumb burns

  1. I spot a marketing opportunity – maybe even franchiseable:

    ‘Caramelised potatoes …… boiled potatoes and heat them in melted sugar and butter. The Scots would love this.”

    The Scots would love it even more if they were battered!

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  2. If that espresso machine has an attachment for foaming milk, do not use it: they first go wrong, then sodomise the entire coffee-making facility.

    Even the Italians are caught out by these. I visited a local repair shop for parts to something else, and there were whole shelves full of busted combined coffee/cappuccino contraptions.

    If you want a cappuccio, get a thing called a Crema. It is a glass or stainless steel jug in which the milk is heated, then a perforated plunger is used to foam the milk.

    A good New Year to all here.

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    • My old Gaggia has such an attachment. I never use it. The new one is a Tassimo, it uses little cartridges. A touch on the pricey side compared to the Gaggia but really convenient and without the massive cleanup operation after each use.

      It makes good tea too.

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