Welcome back to denormalisation

I’d like to start 2016 by wishing everyone a Happy New Year but in reality we still have the same dickheads in charge and the same unelected control freaks keeping the drones in a state of being perpetually offended and terrified about nothing at all.

Oh and vapers, we kept your seat warm here on the naughty step because as predicted all that time ago, you’re back with us smokers. Cozying up to the antismokers, joining in with the smokerphobia, didn’t help at all, did it? We did try to warn you.

Yes, I know, not all vapers fell for the propaganda but those who did were very vocal about it. Some still are. Some still think the Puritans are on their side now that they have moved of from what they call ‘analogue’ smoking to the modern digital Electrofag. Eventually they’ll get the idea.

Electrofag is now as deadly as smoking (CStM found this link and is ultimately responsible for my writing this post). It’s crap of course. Steam is not smoke, and Electrofag vapour disperses harmlessly in the air within moments. Nothing is burning, there are no combustion products and no smoke particles of any kind at all. And yet the drones will believe they will die of steam as surely as they believe they will die if they see a cigarette display in a a shop. Prepare to have your Electrofags consigned to the Doors of Shame just like the rest of us.

In this New Year we will be treated to the spectacle of the NHS supplying Electrofag (yes, vapers, you are about to become a ‘cost to the NHS’ for your ‘filthy habit’ just as you thought you’d escaped that accusation) while the Gubblement pretend it isn’t happening so we smokers don’t all rush to get a free Electrofag.

Well, let’s see, the last Electrofag I bought was in Poundland. I paid one shiny British pound for the entire kit and one pound each for some replacement heater/container/mouthpiece things (vapers will no doubt sneer at my lack of knowledge of the jargon). So really, ‘free on the NHS’ doesn’t make a big difference when you can get the basic kit really cheap anyway. There won’t be a rush.

I have several versions of Electrofag now and NHS or no, if I was going to switch I would already have done so. I haven’t and I’m not likely to. Especially not under medical lifestyle supervision.

Meanwhile, just as the NHS roll out their ‘Electrofag is Good’ campaign, the EU roll out their ‘Electrofag is deadly and we’re banning it‘ campaign. Starting with those deemed to be ‘too strong’ and then once those are gone, the next level down will be ‘too strong’ and so on. Logic and common sense have no place in politics nor in modern medicine, it seems.

And yet the Electrofag itself, the actual gadget, has no ‘strength’ at all in terms of vaping. It all depends on the juice you put in it. Banning the gadget means nothing, it’s a pretty simple device and homemade ones are no doubt already out there. The internet has instructions on making your own juice – you can do it from bought baccy or grow your own – and the device is really just a battery and heater. Try the glow plugs from model aircraft engines for the heater.

Still bans must be imposed because that’s all governments do nowadays and it’s the only manner of preventive medicine open to a medical fraternity that the Middle Ages alchemists would laugh at.

It all boils down to ‘do as you are told’. It doesn’t matter to the control freaks what you are told, as long as you do it. Whether it is good for you or not is of no relevance. They want you to dance to their tune even when their tune is a discordant cacophony of contradiction and nonsense. In fact, the more contradictory and nonsensical the better. It’s more fun to watch the drones jump one way then the other without a single questioning thought crossing their dusty, little-used minds.

The Dutch intend to ban vaping for under 18s even though I can’t recall a single vape-seller who would sell to under 18s anyway. Even the Poundland one was age restricted. Right from the beginning, Electrofag sellers insisted on only selling to over 18s. Will under 18s get hold of them?

Of course they will. They get real smokes and they get booze and they get drugs I can’t even get. Electrofag being banned will just make it all the more enticing. They’ll get it.

Then we can hear all over again how inhaling steam will make the cheeeldren crave real smoke. Cobblers. Inhaling traffic fumes is probably a lot closer to real smoking and much more harmful too. Yet that seems to be pretty much okay with the medics, the politicians and the rest of the Puritan mindless horde.

Still it’s New Year so I shouldn’t end on a gloomy note. I’ve often said the Electrofag produces great smoke rings even though it isn’t real smoke. It does, every one I’ve tried makes good, coherent smoke rings. Usually a good few from one mouthful too.

But I have never yet reached the pinnacle of this kind of skill. Yes, that’s in the same newspaper that insists Electrofag will save smokers and then kill everyone on the planet. Again, logic and common sense are things of the past. You have to laugh at it all because if you start taking it seriously you’ll die of gloom.

Happy New Year anyway.




9 thoughts on “Welcome back to denormalisation

  1. Not sneering here, prefer atomiser to heater – the former is when it works, the latter is when it stops working.

    Some of the changes the EU has brought in… *shudder* make sense. particularly the refilling requirements. A lot of the ‘top end’ e-cig makers – naming no names – have gone with the cheapest possible method of constructing containers – any attempt to complain gets met with ‘well – we’ve never seen that problem before’.

    In terms of the important part – the atomiser – it’s a bit of freaking nichrome (or kanthal) wire wrapped around a bit of foam – that part can’t really be taken away from the diy crowd. Even if they somehow ban it – I’ve got a couple of kilos of wire left – that enough for ten or fifteen thousand atomisers (and it makes a nifty precious metal furnace too)

    High strength (72 mg/ml) nicotine could be _further_ restricted – which would be a pain, a workable pain, but annoying nonetheless

    And yes – I still smoke, e-cigs are for ‘normal’ situations like sitting at the computer reading blogs.

    Merry New Beer! And have a fantastic Drinkuary


    • Nichrome wire is what we use for culture transfer loops in microbiology. I have a reel of it in the lab.

      Merry New Beer to you, and this year I resolve to finally get blocked on twitter by @drinkaware. They still haven’t taken the bait so it’s time to up the game.


  2. Once upon a time, back when I was really little, one of my earliest memories is having whooping cough. Days spent at home with a steam kettle thing churning out steam with additives to help the cough recover – I wonder what was in it and what anti-vapers (steam phobics) would make of such treatment nowadays?

    Liked by 1 person

    • *sigh* I’ve given similar analogies to vociferous vaperers on Twitter, to use in ‘their’ fight against the Righteousness of Public Health’s arguments.

      Generally the response is amused agreement (‘True Dat’, a ‘like’ or retweet) before then going right on back to repeating the TC ‘smoking kills’ lie… and moaning… at the unfairness of the way they’re being treated… cos they’re not smokers; vaping only helps smokers kick that dirty, filthy habit *spits*

      I imagine it’s must be like joining the free masons or sumthing. Degrees or steps to reach enlightenment. They believe the Nazi Tobacco Line and so they ascend… whilst we mere smokers are expected to both hold their ladder stead and join them where the air is thinner… *slowly rocks with laughter*


  3. It’s like a form of indoctrination…we’re told what to do…the lies are repeated so often, we start to believe them. Frightening how lies are sold as truth, particularly in the media and you daren’t speak out for fear of punishment. Once long ago, I was told by a man wiser than me that I should develop a thirst for the truth, that it would stand me in good stead and I’m inclined to believe him.

    Happy New Year to you Leggy. Hope 2016 is a good ‘un.



  4. Magnificent nails, but I’m a bit mystified.
    You do them again every day?
    I’m stumped. When I do a job, I like it to stay done!
    Men are from Mars, Women are from, er, ?
    I guess it must be art. I never understood art. (Or girls!)

    A thought –
    Does anyone make a printer that would do nails?


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