Godt nytår!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you. May 2016 be a great one. 2015 started out rather crappy but it ended on a good note. Leggy was my kitchen bitch for once after days of returning home to dinner in the oven. I may be spoiling the bugger. Kevin made the grand menu of prawn cocktails with salmon and homemade dressing and for the main he’d made lasagna. He knows my favourites so I was a very happy girl. Then he’d made sure the bar was stocked with raspberry vodka so I ended up a happy and slightly drunk girl. It was the first time Leggy got to see the phenomenon of me being drunk so he leaned back with a whiskey and watched the show. Well until the point where he had to confiscate his phone. Apparently asking the son if he’d be my bridesmaid and wear a pink dress wasn’t within the limits of our budding family bond. Next year….

Leggy got me a pack of penguin chocolate cookies that you can decorate yourself with melted chocolate and sprinkles but the box says you need adult supervision when melting chocolate so we’ve been at a standstill. Can you rent an adult? Would a hooker count as adult supervision?

I’d brought over the birthday money so the Viking was let loose in the city. Or more accurately I ripped things down from shelves in Primark and Poundworld. I got lots of new much needed clothes and a ton of not so needed nail polishes. I should be a tad ashamed but I’m not. The grandfather build me a nail polish rack last year and I’m already in need of a new one. So I have three New Year’s resolutions. The first is the same as the last two years; read more books than I buy. I’m not sure if I managed that last year. I didn’t get past my 25 books in a year goal. I made it to 23 so it wasn’t too bad. The second is to blog more as I’ve been falling a bit off that wagon and the third is to try to use all the new polishes at least once during the new year. I did manage to chop a big dent into a finger when chopping mushrooms for the Christmas dinner so I’ve been on a nail painting break until it grows out. My nails did need a break anyway after making it to day 17 of the Christmas daily nail art challenge. A daily polish removal by acetone isn’t the best for your nails. But it was fun and a great challenge.

31 thoughts on “Godt nytår!

        • The medical place is just across the street and much fun and amusement is to be had on those, admittedly rare, windfree scotch days by contentedly blowing smoke rings across the ‘ruddd’ …plus points for using Russian or French cigs, double word score, or a ‘gandalf’ as it is known, if a smoke ring floats through an open window.

          True masters buy a vintage ‘bee keeper’s pipe’ (http://tinyurl.com/hs3awdu ) on ebay and load it with mixtures so strong it would dissolve any drone (bee).

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            • what about Danish tobacco? is there such a beast? I thought Denmark didn’t produce tobacco. Indeed the Technical Bulletin US Dept Of Ag 1937, “Consumption & Production Of Tobacco In Europe” (a must read for any tobacco heads btw) remarks: “It is possible but not feasible to grow tobacco in Denmark. It does not mature with pleasing taste & aroma.
              No large quantities have been grown except during the World War period”
              (that’d be the FIRST World War btw).

              It would seem Denmark has always imported nearly all it’s raw leaf from either the US /Nederlands/Germany which leads me to suspect the Old Danish fishermen of yore prefered a dark air cured shag (NO that’s not a bunk up in the fish sheds), a ‘tabac brun’, to smoke in their pipes or to roll. Akin to the infamous Dutch/German “Schwarzer Krauser”…a whiff of which could kill a Public Health Wibbler stone dead at 50 paces (before the EU forced the manufacturers to emasculate it ).

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