Looking for freedom

I made it home after a long journey. Apparently taking the evening flight home wasn’t the best idea as I arrived with the train early in the morning and apparently the night busses only runs in the weekends. Luckily the Mothership got up way early to pick me up from the train station and greeted me with “I have good and bad news. The bad is we have a flat tire, the good is a guy is arriving within the hour to fix it.” We made it home and until dad gets back from work I’m stuck with the parents, which isn’t too bad really. Mum got a chrome cast thingy that came with a subscription to a Netflix like streaming service so I’m now all caught up on The Blacklist.

As the Mothership was doing whatever it is she does on her tablet I was browsing through The Daily Mail and I found This.

Apparently a Spanish Archbishop has been saying that if women didn’t disobey their husbands or ask for divorce then their husbands wouldn’t have to hit them. Now I’ve never been with a guy who has beaten me. I’ve been with my share of arses but that hasn’t been one of them, so whilst I can’t imagine the horrors of being hit by a partner, no matter if it’s a woman or a man, I can’t phantom what would make it even somehow legit to hit the person you supposedly love, unless in self-defence. Would the world be a less violent place if women all over just went “yes dear!” and stayed in the kitchen where they apparently belong? Cleaning, giving birth and waitering on the husband? Some 27 million Saudis can’t be wrong…

And why stop at wives? If your partner at the office doesn’t obey or tries to find other employment surely we should start practicing a bit of domestic violence there too. Or how about that annoying guy in the bus who always likes to kick your seat? Or the crying baby on every airplane? Or that person in the cinema who can’t be quiet or worse yet keeps whispering “this next part is so good because so and so happens” and he seems to have learned to whisper inside a helicopter with a motor saw running in the background. We could even start including priests whose opinions we don’t agree with into the whole global domestic violence concept. It could be a religious episode of Jerry Springer. Archbishop slaps Rabbi in heated discussion and it would be okay because clearly the Rabbi wasn’t obedient.

I do see a bit of a lack in his statement which is that it isn’t really only men who abuse their wives. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Is that just something we’ll pass by in silence? I mean it doesn’t seem to fit into his grand scheme of things but reality has a way of doing that. We live in a world where men cry, men can get raped and men can be a victim of domestic abuse and women can be just as evil as men. Now where is the equality all those feminists are screaming about there? Where is the help and support for these people. I’m not saying that there is none but it seems like women are in most cases the victims that has the biggest voice here, and whilst that is progress we still have some way to cover.


8 thoughts on “Looking for freedom

  1. “‘Disobedient wives’ are to blame for domestic violence, says Spanish archbishop”

    From a celibate cleric, that statement makes him an early candidate for ‘c#nt of the year’.

    Maybe he’s attempting to curry favour with the Muslim community?

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