The Jolly Ranter

I should make a flag….

Anyway. This is a mixed bag. CynaraeStMary is asleep (shhh) so I was going to do a song post but then I read some stuff and got all high blood pressure and steamy head and well, you know.

A bit of mellow first. The first band I ever saw live.

1978 I think. I was friends with a Chinese guy from Esher, a space cadet from Surrey and a mad bearded dwarf called Grievous Bodily, from Yorkshire, at the time. Well it was Cardiff. It’s like that there.

The next part is not so sweet. Sugar. Again. It’s the new smoking of the week, and it’ll soon be in plain packs behind Doors of Shame along with pretty much everything except lettuce and tofu.

If sugar gets cut in soft drinks, it could (could) prevent lots of future diabetes cases.

Studies have Shown and Experts have Said and by now, we all know that means it’s bollocks.

The study suggests reducing sugar gradually to allow consumers’ taste preferences to adjust.

Or to allow them to just add sugar…

The incentive for the modelling study came from observing the UK’s salt reduction program, which has reduced the salt content of many foods by 40% over five years.

Which is why we just add salt 🙂

It’s a total nonsense, isn’t it? When did it become the role of some unelected, taxpayer-funded arsetongue fudgelicker to tell us how to live and then charge us for their salary? When did it become the role of government to legislate what we can and cannot eat? When did we sign over our lives to the control of others?

If the NHS cannot do its job of healing sick people and has to resort to forcing us into an arbitrary standard mould, why has nobody suggested simply disbanding it? The money we would save would more than cover private health care.

And don’t bleat about ‘the jobless’. The dole currently pays their NI for them so it could just as easily, and probably more cheaply, cover private insurance for them too.

Ah, let’s have a theme song for modern science –

From the same source we see that plain packaging for food might not work as well as it does for cigarettes. Meanwhile those of us who live in the real world know it doesn’t work for cigarettes either. It cuts legitimate sales but not consumption – smokers just get it elsewhere.

And here’s a revelation. We buy what’s in the packet, not the packet itself. You could put Doritos in a pack with pictures of turds on the outside and they’ll still sell. We want the inside, not the outside.

There are things humans like and we’re going to get them no matter what. The three essential things in life will always be sought after and we’ll always get them. As the song says.

Might be a little different for the girls.

Anyway, now it’s not smoking that buggers up your arteries. It’s sugar. Oh yes, sugar now causes heart attacks and you thought it was all down to smoking. Oh dear no, they’ve moved on. Do try to keep up.

It’s all about a tax, of course. Money grabbing bastards. Their supporters think it won’t affect them because they are sugar-free. Nope, you’re not. Look closely at the ingredients of everything you buy. Try making bread without sugar. Go on, it’ll be interesting to watch.

Oh this tax is coming. It’s coming because all politicians have invisible friends in their padded rooms and can’t think too hard because it might shatter the jewels in their milk…

Yes, I did have that on vinyl and yes, it inspired ‘The Spirit of Madness’ in case anyone wonders. Lovely jazz ending.

Even when it sounds like they are giving you a choice, they aren’t. Empower customer choice on portion sizes by telling you to choose smaller ones is control, not empowerment.

No. Just fuck off. I keep seeing the ‘daily allowance of calories’ for men and women everywhere. It used to be ‘recommended intake’ and now its an allowance. It’s insane. I got fat while at a desk job and thin while on a physically active job where I can eat deep fried battered haggis, chips and curry sauce and put on no weight at all. The calorie intake is not a constant. A woman working my job will use a damn sight more calories a day than a politician on his arse telling her what she can eat.

Medical science cannot understand this any more. Computer says no, and that’s all you get from them. Fit the mould. You must fit the mould.

Some of us like to break it.



13 thoughts on “The Jolly Ranter

  1. Ever get the feeling the prohibitionists won’t be happy until humanity is completely standardised? Same height, weight, eye, skin colour and completely androgynous? So long as it looks like them of course…… Which speaks of a ‘bean counter’ mindset writ large.

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