WHO… did you vote for?

The World Health Organisation is one of several unelected Puritan pompous nannying groups who tell governments what to do. The people you vote for get their orders from people you didn’t vote for and who you have probably never heard of. These people are never held to account for their actions or pronouncements because there is no mechanism in place to do it.

In short, they do as they damn well please, they order your elected representatives around and here is not a damn thing any of us can do about it.

Our elected representatives could do something about it. They could question who these people are, who put them into power and on whose authority they presume to dictate to sovereign governments how they should legislate.

They could do that. Or they could roll over and let their masters tickle their tummies. You already know which option they have chosen.

The current ‘smoking’ is sugar, of course. The sugar tax, soon to join tobacco and alcohol duty on the annual tax-collecting escalator. Think it’s going to stop there? Why would it stop? Nothing else has.

The WHO believes that it is the primary responsibility of governments to ‘tackle the obesogenic environment’. In other words, the unelected WHO wants your elected representatives to tell you how you should live and what you should eat. Are you okay with that?

Are you okay with the sugar tax being extended to other foods? Think that won’t happen?


If it’s not clear in that image, the line is in the article.

What’s an unhealthy food? It’s what the WHO say it is. You and I don’t get to decide what we like, the WHO will do that for us and the government will direct taxation under WHO orders to make sure we are all doing as the WHO tell us to do.

Once this sugar tax is in place, a sausage tax, pie tax, fish and chips tax, curry tax and many others will follow. Within a few months. As with the smoking template, as soon as they get their way on one thing they immediately move on to the next.

MacDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken will be taxed out of business. Nobody will be able to afford to go there. Fish and chip shops will die, the same way the pubs died. All those curry shops, burger vans, ice cream vans, all priced out of any chance of profitability and all soon to be gone.

Then we can live on carrots and tofu and all live long and extraordinarily sad and dull lives. Won’t it be great? Won’t it be fun? We can watch those WHO folk and our elected representatives drinking, smoking and eating the stuff we can’t afford and know that we are paying for them to do it through the taxes they take from us.

That’s the future. Not the distant future, it’s the next year or so.

If you don’t believe it can happen, you really haven’t been paying attention these last few years, have you?

12 thoughts on “WHO… did you vote for?

  1. We ‘cattle’ must be punished in order to remain compliant and I suppose that the more we are punished, the more we will stay in line, as in Communist countries.

    The funny thing is that they don’t want more people, especially old people, and have been trying to reduce the population for decades with ‘family planning’ but it is the State nannies who are the ones doing the ‘planning’, but the people think that they themselves are doing the planning and that only having one or two children will make them happier, so that mum and dad can both go out to work and pay more tax for the State to employ more people to tell them how they should ‘plan’ their lives even more.

    For decades, we have had ‘foundations,’ like Ford, advising the ‘developing world’ how to act, like promoting the same family planning and everything PC and ‘green’. So we can live longer and be happy and healthy or so we can die younger, pay loads of tax and be controlled?

    Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation is now attacking Africa with family planning (even the UK Government has given them money for this) and Billy Boy admitted that their vaccination programme will reduce the population. Meanwhile, they are also meeting with countries’ ‘leaders’ and nannying them into intensifying smoking bans, which is pretty strange considering how much these sort of people yearn to live in a world with fewer people. You’d think they would be funding ‘Cigs for Kids’.

    As for those sugary drinks, they will use aspartame – most ‘sugary drinks’ already contain it. It’s a poison which will probably kill off many more people than sugar ever has.

    Conclusion: many of our elected representatives and civil servants should be arrested and tried for treason for giving control to all and sundry and for subverting our culture.

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    • They could refuse to comply, and since they are the elected vs. the unelected, they would have the support of both people and constitution.

      They always give in. What do the unelected have on them, I wonder? Does this link to the depravities that are kept so almost-hidden, until the MP or celebrity has no further purpose other than to distract from current depravities?

      The politicians can’t all be so weak. There must be something behind the ease of control exerted by the New Inquisition.

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  2. Have you come across the Zika/Tiny Brain thing/Larvacide stories yet? If not, please do some googling, I’d be interested to hear your take on that. At the moment the story is only on some conspiracy-theory type sites, and involves a company connected to Monsanto, so I would tend to dismiss it, but on reading it does all sound a bit dodgy to me…


    • The virus spread did seem a little fast. Ebola was contained but with this one, nobody seems to be trying to contain it. Almost as if they already know it’s not something contagious after all. Certainly worth watching.


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